Want To Know
If The Property Market Will Keep Bubbling Along,
Or If Prices Are About To Crash?
Want To Know Whether
The Property Market
Will Keep Bubbling Along...
Or If Prices Are About To Crash?
14th May 2024
A Personal Invitation From Steve McKnight
Dear Friend,

Are you ready to level-up your property investing? To be able to invest with improved clarity and confidence and make better and more profitable investing decisions?

If you answered 'Yes!' then join me on one of my upcoming online seminars (webinars) - dates and details below - where over two and a half information-packed and fun filled hours I'll be revealing:
  • The truth about which city will rule the roost: Sydney - the proven performer, or Melbourne - soon to be Australia's largest capital city?
  • ​Whether the Brissie property market might be 'overcooked', or if there might be more upside to come given the pipeline of spending ahead of the Olympics.
  • ​Why Adelaide is full of surprises, but is not without significant risk for the first time in generations.
  • ​The down and dirty detail about why Perth is one of Australia's hottest property markets, and whether or not recent gains are a flash in the pan or a precursor of even better time times to come.
  • ​A quick 'highlights' tour of the key performance indicators of Canberra, Hobart and Darwin to gain a context of what's happening in the larger satellite cities.
  • How to interpret the research to both protect your wealth, and also how to position for profit from future trends and property price drivers.
  • The cash cow - the juicy details of how I found a 10% positive cashflow property in the middle of a hot property market. 
  • ​The slam dunk - my latest property purchase that perfectly illustrates how to find profit in a deal that others pass over.
  • ​The golden goose - discover the deal that keeps of delivering great results
  • ​Exclusive unveiling of my proprietary risk-mitigation processes, offering insights into how professional analyse of high-stakes property acquisitions.
  • The latest news on the managed fund I launched last year, and how you can secure your spot in the recently announced re-opening.
  • Exclusive details of the only live 2-day training I'll be offering in 2024, including how you can qualify to save a whopping 50%.  
  • ​An interactive 'open mic' session, where your burning questions about property investment are welcomed and answered.
  • ​And much, much more.

If you have even the slightest interest in increasing your income, especially through property investment, then this event is an absolute must-attend.



How To Save 80%!
How much would you be willing to invest for access two-and-a-half hours of expert training that has the power to explode your property profit potential and help you make life-changing sums of money? $500, $250,  or maybe a cheeky low-ball offer of $100?

Well, provided you act now... and I mean right now...  you'll be able to access a 'better than best mates and family' price of only $20. 

Just hurry because this offer is strictly limited and subject to change without notice.

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But wait... there's more. No, not steak knives, but a copy of the webinar slide deck in PDF format so you will have access to all the graphs, calculations and guidance I include in the training. Valued at $49.95, it's my gift to help you transform knowledge into profit.

Happiness Guaranteed, But No Refunds!

You're going to absolutely love the webinar, and if not I'll happily give you your money back.

Just be aware that if you book but can't attend or otherwise miss the webinar then you won't get a refund or be able to be rebooked into another session, but you will receive a copy of the slide deck.
How To Register
You have a choice of the following three webinar sessions to join.

Session 1: LIVE
Thursday 16th May 2024 beginning at 7pm AEST

Session 2: ENCORE (recording of Thursday's session)
Friday 17th May 2024 beginning at 7pm AEST

Session 3: ENCORE (recording of Thursday's session)
Saturday 18th May 2024 beginning at 10am AEST

Once you have made your choice click it’s easy and takes only seconds to reserve your seat(s). Here’s how:

Step 1
Click the button below and nominate the session you would like to attend. Note that the link provided to listen in to the webinar will only allow attendance on one device.
Step 2
Proceed through the secure online checkout process.

Step 3
Once complete you will receive an email confirmation, which will contain the unique link to use to access the webinar at the appointed time. Please note that if you miss the webinar then you will receive a copy of the slide deck, but will not receive a refund or be able to be rebooked into another session.

Alternatively, you can call 03 8592 0270 during business hours and one of my friendly team will assist you over the phone. As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please email: admin@propertyinvesting.com

C'mon... book in now let's make sure you are fully informed about the exciting opportunities I'm taking advantage of right now.