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1 March 2018
From Steve McKnight
Professional Investor & Australia's #1 Best Selling Property Expert
A 1,000 point drop on the Dow in a single stock market cycle is one thing, two in a week is another. The winds of change are blowing - hard. How will you respond? Will you be ignorant and reactive, or informed and ready to pounce on the plethora of emerging opportunities?

Hi, my name is Steve McKnight. I'm the guy who became financially free after buying 130 properties in 3.5 years, and then wrote about it to help hundreds of thousands of other people understand how to get rich using real estate. If you'd like me to help you too, then a very special time sensitive opportunity is outlined on this web page. I urge you to read it and act now. 
Wake Up... Change Is Here!
Over the past 20 or so years, since becoming a professional investor, I've seen all types of markets - the good (property booms), the bad (turbulent times in mining towns), and even the ugly (what happened in the US). And right now my investing 'spider sense' is tingling, and it's telling me to first of all protect the wealth I have, and at the same, to prepare for unprecedented profit opportunities.

Now I realise not everyone has the time and resources to study the economy and real estate markets like me, nor the breadth and depth of investing experience forged on the back of buying tens of millions of dollars of real estate, so if you'd like to profit from my knowledge then I'm going to make it very, very easy for you...

For the first, last and only time in 2018, I'm giving you the chance to meet up and spend a whole day chewing the real estate fat - and for me to give you a warts and all analysis of:

  • What I see happening in the world economy - including the scary story of how the recent stock market jitters could cause an Aussie property crash.
  • What I see happening in your local property market - especially why I would be scared if I owned property in Sydney and Melbourne, and excited if I owned property in Brisbane and Perth. 
  • How I'm investing, including the number and types of properties I own in my personal portfolio, and why.
  •  And much more...
This isn't just some wishy-washy thinly disguised sales pitch. Trust me - I've made my fortune from real estate and have more than enough to pay the bills. I just want to open your eyes to some pretty scary risk events unfolding, and alert you to how I'm preparing to profit from them, including:
  •  Revealing what's hot in real estate, and what's not! Discover what properties to target and what properties to avoid at all costs.
  •  Operation Rescue - provide strategies for transforming under-performing properties into investing gems. 
  •  Market update - reveal six very important statistics so you can accurately prepare for the most likely scenarios in respect to property prices and interest rates
  •  Empower you, using my brand new 'STEPS to Success' technology, to be able to find, analyse and purchase property like a professional investor
  •  Show you how to crunch the numbers to quickly and easily determine whether your property is a dud or a diamond using my revolutionary new 'Property Maths Matrix'   
  •  And much more, including case studies and Q&A
Who Should Attend?
You should definitely attend if:
  •  You want to find out why I'm both excited and worried about the immediate future of Aussie property, as well as what I've been buying and selling (and why)
  •  You're looking to purchase real estate in 2018 and you want to make an astute purchasing decision that's supported by sensible strategy and investing science
  •  You currently own property that is not performing as well as you hoped, and you want ideas for stopping the losses and/or increasing profits 
  •  You're worried about what might happen to your portfolio if economic conditions worsen and you want to prepare now by reducing risk, while you can
  •  You're interested in discovering how to quickly and easily crunch numbers like a property professional
  •  You're smart and want to make the best investment possible: in yourself, thereby increasing your ability to make more money, faster, with less risk
  •  You want to make new like-minded friends and network with fellow investors
  •  You want to learn more about property investing, in a fun way, from someone who 'eats their own cooking' by teaching what's working in an informative and empowering way
Seminar Locations & Dates:
This round of live one-day seminars will only be offered once in 2018 in the following cities on the following dates:

Digital Version

Available Early April 2018
Full audio of the Sydney Event, plus audio of the market update components of the Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth seminars.

Saturday, February 24th 
Sorry! Sold Out

10am to 5:00pm
Parmelia Hilton Perth
14 Mill Street, Perth

Saturday, March 10th
Sorry! Sold Out

10am to 5:00pm
Pullman Brisbane King George Square
Corner Ann & Roma Streets, Brisbane

Sunday, March 11th
Sorry! Sold Out

10am to 5:00pm
University of NSW
Leighton Hall, entry Via Gate 11, Botany Street

Saturday, March 17th
Sorry! Sold Out

10am to 5:00pm
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf
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Steve McKnight

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