Want To Know How To Make
Stacks of Money?
Want To Know
How To Make
Stacks of Money?
Join Me & My Panel
Of Hand-Picked World Experts As We Reveal
How We're Planning To Make Substantial Sums
Of Money In 2023
& Beyond
Join Me & My Panel Of Hand-Picked World Experts As We Reveal
Our Plans, Strategies
& Protocols For Safely Making Substantial Sums
Of Money In 2023
& Beyond
Join Me & My Panel Of Hand-Picked World Experts As We Reveal
Our Plans, Strategies
& Protocols For Safely Making Substantial Sums
Of Money In 2023
& Beyond
Join Me & My Panel Of Hand-Picked World Experts As We Reveal
Our Plans, Strategies
& Protocols For Safely Making Substantial Sums
Of Money In 2023
& Beyond
Join Me & My Panel Of Hand-Picked
World Experts As We Reveal
Our Plans, Strategies & Protocols
For Safely Making Substantial Sums
Of Money In 2023 & Beyond
Join Me & My Panel Of Hand-Picked
World Experts As We Reveal How We're
Planning & Preparing To Make Substantial
Sums Of Money In 2023 & Beyond






15th June 2023
A Personal Invitation From
Steve McKnight To Attend My
Money Magnet 2-Day MasterClass
15th June 2023
A Personal Invitation From Steve McKnight
To Attend My Inaugural Money Magnet 2-Day MasterClass
Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of being on the money-go-round – working your fingers to the bone and having nothing to show for it but bony fingers?

Perhaps you’re feeling financially becalmed – you have money but you’re not sure how to purposefully invest it so it multiplies in a meaningful way. Alternatively, you might be new to wealth creation and are searching for clever ideas and proven techniques smart people are using to fast-track their financial futures rather than working for decades in unfulfilling jobs.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future by making a plan that includes the strategies needed to turn ideas into income to attract and keep a fortune that counts – then I’m pleased to personally invite you, your family and your friends to join me at a life-changing learning opportunity – the 2023 Money Magnet MasterClass!
Who Will Be Speaking?
Over two amazing days you’ll be able to learn from, and rub shoulders with, four genuine world experts in wealth creation.
Steve McKnight
Global Master of Money

Through my best-selling books, more than two decades of training and speaking around the globe and my $150,000,000 managed fund, I’ve empowered hundreds of thousands of people to make better money decisions. Now I sincerely and earnestly want to help you.

How exactly? By revealing live, in-person and in-detail, how to make a purposeful plan to attract and keep a life-changing amount of money, and how to implement that plan through intelligent investing.

I have stacks of new material never-before-shared insights and material to discuss in a dynamic workshop format so you’re making real progress in real time that will make a real difference to your financial future.

Topics I’ll be covering include:
  • ​My four-step process for making a “plan with purpose”. Working through this process with me is certain to provide unparalleled focus and will surely fast track your wealth creation.
  • ​The six ways to identify and improve your ‘money magnetism’ so you can attract more money.
  • ​The secrets to getting money to stick rather than slipping through your fingers and making someone else rich while you work a lifetime trying to make ends meet.
  • ​Four of my proprietary ‘making sense of money’ templates that we will work through to dramatically increase your financial empowerment.
  • ​Why budgets are bonkers, and what you should be doing instead.
  • ​The truth about why teaching your kids to save is a dangerous mistake that might be dooming them to a life-long struggle with money.
  • ​My nine insights into intelligent investing – essential lessons I wish I knew about investing before I began investing that would have made and saved me millions.
  • ​‘The Sweet Spot’ – my latest analysis and insights about what segments of the property market are likely to outperform in the next eighteen months, and what you should avoid at all costs.
  • ​How and what I’m investing in right now, and most importantly, where, when and why.
  • ​And much, much more.
Derek Gehl
Global Master of Generating Income Online

With more than twenty years first hand experience, and having been the CEO of one of the largest internet marketing companies in North America, Canadian Derek Gehl is a leading world authority on how everyday people can turn ideas into income by harnessing the incredible power of the internet.

According to Derek…

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution unlike any since the dawn of the Internet. This seismic shift, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is set to redefine businesses, big and small, across the globe.”

In what will surely be one of the most interesting sessions of the whole weekend, Derek will share:
  • ​His proven six-step process for starting an online business from scratch in less than six weeks.
  • The critical X-Factor highly profitable websites have that 99% of other websites lack.
  • ​Game-changing business ideas and plans, putting you ahead of the pack.
  • ​How to build cutting-edge websites… without needing to know how to code.
  • ​How to write compelling intelligent content, even if you can barely speak English, that enables you to connect with your audience like never before.
  • The new and exciting ways young entrepreneurs are using AI to unlock money making opportunities and careers that are making the traditional ‘school learning model’ quickly redundant.
  • ​Which jobs AI is likely to make redundant, which emerging fields will create the next batch of billionaires, and what you should be doing right now to position yourself for the revolution unfolding before our very eyes.
  • ​And much, much more…
Belinda Smith
Australian Master of Profitable Renovations

How does someone invest in real estate in 2023 to make attractive lump sum profits, in a strategic and low-risk way… to potentially make more in six months than they might in three years?

Enter Belinda Smith… a leading Australian expert with 30 years property investing experience and who has a reputation for taking the guesswork out of renovating through her meticulous process for ‘de-risking renos’.

Topics Belinda will be covering include:
  • How to ‘target your target’ using the latest trends and market conditions.
  • ​Her ‘six second’ due diligence formula that even the most maths-challenged person can quickly apply to differentiate good-deals from duds.
  • The visual clues she looks for in a potential deal before short-listing it for further analysis (and also the factors that will cause Belinda to place a deal on the ‘definite no’ list).
  • Why the media is hopelessly wrong as Belinda shares her current brag book – real life deals that are making significant profits right now.
  • ​An expert’s perspective for ‘super-spotting’… identifying ‘swans’ (high profit properties) amidst a pond of ‘ugly ducklings’ (obsolete and visually challenged properties).
  • ​And much, much more…
Tom Ziglar
Master of Personal Empowerment

Tom Ziglar, son of the late Zig Ziglar (one of the most influential motivational speakers of the 20th century) is a best-selling author, sought after global speaker, and CEO of Ziglar, Inc – a leading international company committed to helping people and businesses improve their performance, mindset and overall success.

Carrying forward his father's motivational legacy, Tom inspires individuals to achieve success through targeted personal development, practical goal setting, and leadership development.

Tom will speak on the following topics:
  • Surprising strategies you can use to turn disruption into a competitive advantage.
  • How you can benefit from the inspired story of Tom Ziglar’s “Fastest Way to Success”.
  • The simple steps you can take to transform crippling confusion into life-changing clarity.
  • How to create balance and success in every area of your life.
  • “The sage experience” – discover the proven process for tapping into the wisdom within.
  • The Ziglar Performance Formula – how to achieve sustained ‘rock solid’ performance outcomes in your investing.
  • ​How to overcome procrastination, and improve focus using “The Ziglar Wheel of Life” 
  • ​And much, much more…



Where & When?
Assembling a world class line up of genuine wealth creation money masters was extremely difficult, meaning this 2-Day Money Magnet MasterClass speaker line up will only ever be offered once as follows:

Dates & Times

Saturday 22nd July & Sunday 23rd July, 2023

Registration opens 8am
Doors open 8:40am for a 9am start
Event concludes at 5pm each day

Pullman on the Park

192 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Investment To Attend
How much would you expect to pay to attend a life-changing two-day live event where genuine world experts share their latest and most effective strategies for building wealth? The sort of training that could be a life-changing turning point that sets you on a new and exciting trajectory leading to complete financial empowerment.

Don’t answer, because provided you act now and grab one of the strictly limited earlybird tickets, you'll save a massive 90% off the base price and pay just just $99 per ticket!

How can we run this so cheaply? Because I’m not seeking to make a profit from this event. Quite the opposite… I want to enable as many people as possible to improve their financial futures. That’s why I’ve asked the panel to waive their standard speaking fees, so the only costs I need to cover are travel and venue expenses.

And yes, some of the speakers may have further training opportunities for those interested, but this is definitely not a sellathon. Every attendee will walk away with many new and immediately applicable ideas and practical insights.

Just hurry as there are only a strictly limited number of seats available, set by the venue to comply with their OH&S requirements. Be sure to avoid the disappointment of missing out by book your seat(s) now!
100% Money Back Guarantee
I’m so certain you’ll find the seminar brilliant value for money that you can stay the entire weekend, and if you don’t agree it was an awesome life-changing event, then just let us know before 5pm on Sunday night and we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition fee.
Please note that due to the limited number of tickets available, we won’t offer refunds for those who book but have a change of mind or are no shows. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance that covers you for emergencies beyond your control.
Who Would Benefit From Attending?
YOU… if you hope for more than working hard for decades and retiring poor.

YOU… if you want to learn how to attract and keep a fortune that counts.

YOU… if you are seeking proven strategies for turning ideas into income.

YOU… if you want to know how to thrive in disruptive times.

YOU… if you have money but lack confidence and clarity about how to invest it.

YOU… if you want to leave a meaningful multi-generational legacy.

YOU… if you’d like to meet likeminded people who desire financial empowerment.

YOU… if you want to have some fun, but also be challenged and motivated.
How To Book Your Seat(s)
It’s easy and takes only seconds to reserve your seat(s). Here’s how:

Step 1
Click the button below and nominate the number of tickets you'd like to book.
Step 2
Proceed through the secure online checkout process.

Step 3
Once complete you will receive an email confirmation, which you should print out and bring with you to show my friendly team at registration so they can issue you with your name tag(s) which is your entry pass into the room.

Alternatively, you can call 03 8592 0270 during business hours and one of my friendly team will assist you over the phone.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please email: admin@propertyinvesting.com

I sincerely hope you don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime exhilarating two-day journey into the world of financial empowerment, where you will have the unique opportunity to learn from and engage with me and three remarkable visionaries: Derek Gehl, Belinda Smith and Tom Ziglar, and profit from their insights, proven techniques, and practical wisdom to guide you on your path to making and keeping a fortune that counts.

P.S. Remember this event is extremely likely to sell-out quickly. Be sure to book your seat(s) now to avoid disappointment.