The SECRET Transcripts - Now In A Paperback Book
The Fireside Chat Between Two Self-Made Property Millionaires Reveals How They Went 
From Burnt Out & Broke To
Australia’s #1 best-selling business book author, Steve McKnight and his mentor, Stu Silver shared their experiences in detail with an intimate crowd in a private VIP seminar.

Their goal was to provide the raw, unvarnished truth, however confronting or painful, about their real blueprints for success. The result of the seminar was not only 170 incredible investing insights, but also pure entertainment as the two were quite funny together!

But the humor isn’t why you should invest in this book.

This book will give you inspiration to change your life! And the tools to take your property investing to the next level.
What You'll Discover:
How to manage and evaluate risk so you have the best chance of getting a BIG return and the best chance of keeping your shirt.
How to take on big investment opportunities without accepting more risk
What you need to do to make LOTS of money from real estate
What to look for in a market and a property before investing
When to hold and when to fold
Insights from both millionaires on the best ways to store wealth
How to select, manage, and exit business partner relationships
How to get your spouse or partner to be your number one fan instead of your number one critic
Most of all you’ll discover how to leverage your knowledge and fast track your wealth using the incredible investing insights shared by Steve McKnight and Stu Silver. Read the book, get the investment insights and inspiration you need to create your own wealth story.
Now you can get your hands on Steve & Stu’s SECRET TRANSCRIPTS that reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly about how they really built their wealth.
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