Steve McKnight’s Must Read
0-260+ Properties In 7 Years
Reveals How To Get In On The Most 
Profitable Deals Available In Today's Market
Forget waiting for prices to fall. 
Build your empire now while the opportunities are ripefor investors who know how to find them.
Steve McKnight is Australia’s #1 best selling property author. His first book – From 0 to 130 Properties In 3.5 Years – has sold over 300,000 copies and introduced a generation of investors to the power of positive cash flow property investing.

Now, in his much-anticipated sequel, McKnight invites readers into the world of more advanced investing and reveals the different mindset, attitude and approach needed to acquire a larger property portfolio in today’s market.

Containing new information, never released elsewhere, From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years records how McKnight took his early portfolio to create a life of true financial freedom.
  • The key difference between successful investors and speculators.
  • How to acquire the mindset of the mega-rich and in doing so, explode your future investing and wealth potential.
  • Real life case studies revealing how investors using McKnight’s training are making outstanding profits.
  • How to calculate and apply the five key property investing returns (including the cash-on-cash return, the growth-on-equity return, and the net profit percentage)
  • Why following the advice of your accountant might actually be sending you into a dangerous money black hole and why it’s much smart to learn from the rich rather than the employed!
  • The 4 building blocks of financial independence
  • How to control and profit from assets without owning them
  • How to avoid the biggest real estate mistake you can make
  • How to generate AUTOMATED property profits
  • A step-by-step implementation plan
"Read this book. It’s a toolkit of “How To” information that’s relevant to every current and aspiring investor. "
  - Ryan Minster (Vic)
Now, you can get your hands on Steve’s never-before-shared insights revealing how to adapt to changing times and create a massive property portfolio that delivers a lifetime of wealth.
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