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From 0-130 Properties In 3.5 Years 
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Australia’s favourite real estate book explains how to achieve financial freedom using the power of positive cash flow investing.
From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years is one of the most accurate and authoritative books on real estate investing ever written in Australia and it remains highly relevant and useful to investors of all abilities.
While most people are concerned about economic recovery, the smart investor will not squander this opportunity. The fact is that more money is made as economies recover than during any other economic cycle.

So why are you working so hard for such little pay when you could be investing in property and raking in more profits per deal than most people make in 12 months?  

Steve’s promise is that by the time you finish reading this book, you’ll be able to do deals just like that with your eyes closed.
Originally released in 2003, ‘From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years' tells the extraordinary tale of howSteve McKnight used positive cash flow real estate to not only achieve financial freedom but also to own 130 properties in less than four years. 

What’s more is that Steve knows better than anyone that markets evolve and so must the investor. 

So he shows you what he did to acquire impressive wealth, but also what he’d do differently to achieve the same or better results in today’s economy

Featured countless times on TV, radio and in magazines, McKnight’s theories changed the thinking of a generation of investors and in doing so, gave hope and empowered investors to use real estate in a way to make money from day one. In late 2009, McKnight completely revised and improved his original manuscript, expanding it to include 16 brand new chapters.
  In This Strategy Packed Book You'll Discover:
Why real estate remains the most relevant form of investment to achieve financial freedom.
The three phases a property investor must conquer to gain financial freedom.
The truth about creating wealth and the surprisingly simple secret to becoming rich.
The positive and negative gearing models, explained in a way so that you know more about real estate investing than many paid professional advisers.
How to protect your assets and also pay the legally lowest income tax possible.
Why rich investors happily sell, and poor investors hold forever. 
Comprehensive discussion on the main money making real estate investing strategies: buy and hold, vendor finance, lease options, flips, sub-dividing, renovating and developing
Ideas for FINDING MONEY to pay for your property portfolio.
Where, what and how to buy your next highly profitable investment property.
Plus, scores of examples and case studies that reveal how to put a deal together, and many extremely useful templates, checklists etc. to make your investing easier and less risky. And much, much more!
You'll gain the benefits of...
Profitable Expert Advice - Steve’s techniques have been successfully used by thousands of investors. Don’t learn the hard way through unproven theory or trial and error on your own. Follow the most trusted real estate instructor in the country to achieve your financial dreams.
The Investing Edge – NEW techniques, including Steve’s 1% rule for finding positive cash flow properties. Even if you have the earlier version of this book, this latest edition provides insights throughout 16 brand new chapters that include information not available elsewhere.
Maximize Your Property Profits - Includes specific and practical strategies, together with relevant examples that reveal how other successful investors are making stacks of money from real estate right now.
Avoid Costly Losses - Find out how to avoid the simple mistakes that often become costly nightmares that can quickly sink your profits.
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