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Want the CONFIDENCE to grow your
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Here’s How You Could Get The Most Thorough, Accurate, PROVEN, and COMPLETE EDUCATION available on the subject of Wealth Creation Through Property Investing …
An Important Offer From Steve McKnight, #1 Best Selling Author and
Australia’s Most Respected Property Educator & Professional Investor...
Dear Fellow Investor,

Whether you have a few deals under your belt or you’ve never invested before, I’ll call you an Investor because if you’re here that means you’re SERIOUS about achieving financial freedom through property investing.  

Friend, you are in the right place. What you’ll find presented here is the most thorough, accurate, PROVEN, and complete education available on the subject of wealth creation through property investing and it is … your most sure path to financial freedom.

If you’re committed to personal and financial growth and you’ve rightly discovered that property investing is the surest, fastest, most lucrative path to financial freedom, then my Property Apprenticeship Home Study program is an absolute must.
The real struggle for most investors is that everyone sort of assumes that it’ll be easy. But they quickly realize there’s a lot to learn.

Most so-called “gurus” in this industry are touting Real Estate riches as super-easy profits you can grab in a weekend and then you the investor get into it and you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, unsure how to minimize risk and maximize your profits.

You find out quickly that these so-called "gurus" almost never have your best interests in mind, often attempting to stear you toward buying properties that will make them a lot of money, but in the end leave you worse off than before.

To succeed as an investor it takes a lot more than knowing just how to buy your first deal. You need a system that will empower you to effectively analyse, buy, manage and sell real estate like a professional.

The lack of confidence that ensues paralyzes most investors to eventually give up and get out of property investing altogether.

Most investors max out on what they can borrow after their first or second deal and then they’re stuck and they don’t know how to grow their portfolio with their current resources.

And that’s why so many people fall short of their financial dreams … they get stuck in the beginning and they never really take off.

Sadly, those folks never achieve the financial freedom that was truly in their grasp.

This happens because there is an extreme lack of education among investors. Most people NEVER get the investing education they need to achieve their financial dreams. 

But I can assure you, now that you’re here …

You can NEVER say that you didn’t have the opportunity to qualify for the education you need to get out of the rat race for good and achieve your financial dreams through property investing.

Hundreds of students have graduated from this course and are now on their path to financial freedom.  And some of those students have even been seasoned investors who knew that the key to their success was education… and this training has transformed their businesses despite their years of experience.  It’s THAT good.

While there is NOTHING to buy here today and this page is simply here for your information (not as a sales pitch), you should know that whether you qualify for the Property Apprenticeship or not, your education is a KEY factor in your ability to achieve your goals, and that applies to any field of study.

It may sound cliché (at first), but the best investment that will have the BIGGEST payoff for you is the investment you make in your own education.

Before I tell you everything you’ll learn and why you’ll want to qualify, please be aware that this Property Apprenticeship is not for everyone …

This is not for you if you're unwilling to take action and learn by getting your hands dirty.

My Property Apprenticeship course is focused on helping you fast-track your learning and develop the skills and confidence of a seasoned professional. That will not happen by learning theory alone. I'll expect you to take action on what I teach, whether you're ready to actually buy a property or not.

This is not for you if you lack the desire to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence of a professional investor.

Your ability to achieve financial freedom for yourself and your family depends upon you becoming a more sophisticated investor. Plenty of people want a simpler path that won’t require that they grow and improve themselves. If you're looking for someone to tell you what or where to buy, I pass no judgment, but this Property Apprenticeship is certainly not for you. Rather than you continuing to blindly follow the opinions of others, I want to teach you how to find your own winning deals.

This is not for you if you're unwilling to think differently than the vast majority of investors.

I've devoted my life to teaching people how to achieve their financial dreams (and they are actually doing it).  But success doesn't come from following the crowd.  If you want exceptional results, you'll need to recognise that success comes from doing things differently. If you're open to learning how to think like a professional investor, keep reading.

And we do have a qualification process. Not just anyone interested in investing will qualify to participate in our mentoring program because it involves personal coaching (expert mentors are at the ready to assist you on your journey to financial freedom) and therefore resources to onboard new students are limited

Even with our home study course, we must ensure that your goals are in line with the outcomes we help people like you to create.  So before you ever enroll in the course, you’ll need to go through our application process.  If this training does seem right for you, you’ll have the opportunity here today to take STEP 1 by applying to be a part of this one of a kind program.

Now, if you’re ready to discover the ultimate
COMPREHENSIVE education to achieving financial freedom... 

Let’s dig in…

It’s my pleasure to introduce’s Property Apprenticeship – a project that’s consumed three years of my life and has resulted in the most comprehensive property investing resource ever created.

You’ll get a comprehensive 6 Module Training Course

In this 6-Module Course, there are 66 total lessons that will walk you step by step through EVERYTHING you’ll need to start and grow a profit-generating property portfolio starting from scratch.

Each and every section includes written materials and exercises as well as video trainings that are much like you and I sitting in a room together as I share my proven strategies and knowledge with you.

Aside from working through the detailed course material, you will also complete practical assessment tasks to demonstrate your competency and prove that you have what it takes to succeed in the real world.  In fact, you’ll actually be working on your own property deals as you complete the course!

Module 1 is titled Planning and Goal-Setting (Sessions 1 to 6).

This is the essential starting block that will take you from understanding what investing really is, to...

  • Maintaining the right mindset, so you're thinking like an investing pro.
  • Identifying your financial needs, so you’re clear about the numbers you need to achieve.
  • Clarifying your motivations, which will allow you to structure your investments to suit the lifestyle you want.
  • Ultimately developing a strategic plan of action and setting milestones to help you get exactly where you want to go – because big goals are rarely achieved without this level of specificity.

Frankly, most investors would achieve ten times their success by just completing this first module.  If you’ve ever heard the saying “begin with the end in mind” then you’ll understand the structure here. 

This isn’t just clearly defining your goals.  It’s strategizing to achieve exactly the life you want. 

And it really works. 

The following modules will get you there.

Module 2 is about “Investment Strategy” (Sessions 7 to 18).

This is where you’ll develop your own personal business plan… the structure you’ll rely on to help you achieve your desired wealth creation outcome. 

Depending on your personal income, your available time and the current market climate, there are multiple different paths you can take to achieve your goals.  This module is all about helping your pinpoint the exact strategy that best fits your desired outcome, given your personal situation.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use the "wheel of wealth" to expand your wealth creation options, which is not only a tremendous way to grow financially, but also to survive when everyone else is in trouble.
  • How to use the “Monopoly Theory” approach if you're time poor or desire a more passive approach.
  • How to determine if commercial property is the best vehicle to achieve your desired profit outcome.
  • How to use manufactured growth strategies, like renovation, subdivision and development to fast-track your progress.
  • Alternative cash flow options for creative investors – understanding these options and how they work is important for every serious investor, even those who only ever plan to use traditional financing.
  • How to create a written deal profile, having clarified exactly the ideal property that will empower you to achieve your desired outcome.

This section will have you outline your business model so your foundation for wealth creation is in place.

Module 3 contains the Analysis, Buying, and Financing Sections.  

This is the BIGGEST module in the entire course and the one that will spawn the most confidence and momentum as you’ll be developing skills to grow your property portfolio, like:

  • Understanding and dealing with Real Estate Agents.
  • Creating a buying budget, so you’ll know exactly what you can afford to invest to grow your portfolio.
  • Researching and assessing an area, so you’ll make better quality investment decisions. 
  • How to research and assess a property so you’ll be able to quickly determine if it’s a match for your desired financial outcome.
  • Researching and assessing Tenants so you’ll avoid taking on another landlord’s worse nightmare.
  • Number-crunching, so you’ll be skilled at assessing potential cash flow and profit outcomes.
  • Financing, how to interact with and navigate the process of working with lenders and mortgage brokers, because knowing how to work with them will make and save you a lot of time and money.
  • Structuring your investments for the least amount of tax liability

and much more.

Module 4 is about Managing and Reporting on Property. 

While the “fun” stuff is discovered in Module 3, the real wealth is sustained through management.  As the saying goes, “money follows management” and therefore, it is the management of the process, not luck, that will ultimately drive your ability to make money.  This module covers in detail:

  • How to identify and mitigate risk so your investments represent the least amount of potential loss for your risk tolerance.
  • How to manage tenants so you cultivate and maintain profitable, peaceful relationships with good tenants who pay on time.
  • Self-managing vs. rental managers, you’ll find out the pros and cons of both so you can determine which option works best for you.
  • Residential and commercial property leases, the differences and the details in each lease type and what provisions you must include.
  • How to find good, financially sound, long term tenants.
  • Filing and paperwork – keeping track of it all so your business stays organized.

and much more.

This is the business management side of investing.  Another important mantra to remember is “it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it matters how much you keep.”  This is the module in this course designed to help you keep as much in your pocket as possible and manage your business effectively.

Module 5 is focused on Investment Evaluation and Selling.  

Unfortunately, most investors leave the selling up to their agent, failing to manage the process effectively, resulting in a lower sales price or an extended time on the market. This section will teach you what you need to know to assess your investment’s value and maximize the profit when you sell. Plus:

  • How value is really determined. It’s important to ensure that you’re looking at the right numbers to evaluate your investments or you may have trouble selling.
  • The different types of valuation available to suit your purposes
  • The ultimate formula for a “great sale” and the two components that it must include.
  • How to utilize your accountant’s expertise to maximize your profits and minimize your tax risk and liability.
Module 6 is dedicated to Investing in a Safe Environment.  

Believing occupational health and safety (OHS) laws only apply to employers could land you in hot water.  I’ve devoted an entire module, with one meaty section to helping you comply with the laws and create a culture of safety with all of your investments.  You’ll discover:

  • Exactly what your “duty of care” is as a professional property investor
  • How your obligations change once your property stops being a workplace and becomes a home.
  • What your responsibilities are to all of the property users involved, from tenants to works and even the public.
  • Hazard management strategies to help you avoid serious consequences from harmful situations at your properties.

I’ve created this course content to be structured and written so that you gain a thorough understanding of the entire property transaction:  from planning to analysis, to buying, to managing and ultimately selling – which is essential for sustained investing success!

As I’ve said, the creation of this content consumed three full years of my life and the knowledge I’ve poured into it represents well over 500 investments.

I personally wrote every word in the system and
created every bit of content you’ll receive.

And by the way … you’ll get a HUGE 3 inch thick binder filled with DOUBLE-SIDED pages. 

This is NOT a little manual that covers one little aspect or a few concepts about property investing.  This is ULTIMATE education in wealth creation through property investment and a more thorough expertise could only be gained by spending more than 15 years honing your skills and investing in over 500 properties yourself. 

I’ve distilled all of that knowledge down for you, put it in plain English, and created the ultimate tool for you to develop the skills you need to achieve your financial dreams.

You don’t have to have a university degree to understand the course.  You don’t have to be a genius or have previous business experience either.  I walk you through the whole thing step-by-step in plain language and then follow it up with practical assessments to ensure that you understand what you just learned, and at any time if you do get stuck, you’ll have someone to call – an expert to reach out to.

In fact, you’ll be doing your first deal(s) during the course and even learning how to salvage or sell existing investments that aren’t working for you. You'll even have the opportunity to work with your very own mentor at the ready to answer your questions during the course!

And though this course is the definition of comprehensive, you can complete it in just a few hours a week …

That’s all it requires to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and empower yourself with the information you need to execute property deals with confidence and supreme knowledge that you’re doing it right!

With this course, I’m putting my life’s work in your hands and you will know, as the course materials arrive at your door, that you’re embarking on a journey that will empower you to choose whatever you want do with your time, with your money, and with your life.

That’s really the beautiful thing about financial freedom … it’s really freedom of choice.  If you want to quit your job, reduce your hours, provide for your family, buy your dream home, or even provide in special ways for your community, this course will equip you with the skills and tools to execute and create that freedom.

This is the fast track you’ve been wanting.

While you may well know that it takes YEARS upon YEARS to learn and grow as an investor, you can start right here with your medical degree (remember my analogy about becoming a brain surgeon from earlier), and bypass all of that wasted time, money, and effort.

In case you’re wondering why you should trust me...

If you’re not familiar with my career, allow me to introduce myself more thoroughly.  I’m proud to say that I am a respected property investor, the best selling business author in Australia, and in demand media commentator.

Prior to 1999, I was a qualified chartered accountant working for international accounting firm Deloitte before starting my own accounting practice and specialising in audit and management consulting. I sold the practice in 2006.

My first investment property was bought in May 1999 for $44,000. It was a 3-bedroom ex-commission home in West Wendouree, Ballarat that rented for $120 per week.

Since buying that first property, I’ve used my investment philosophies to complete over 550 property transactions.

Aside from acquiring property in Australia, I have also purchased large numbers of properties in New Zealand and the United States of America where I now manage an investment fund controlling over $100M in commercial real estate.

I was approached by John Wiley & Sons to write investment books, and have gone on to become one of Australia’s most successful real estate authors.

My first book From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years has sold more than 160,000 copies and was the top business book in 2004. From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years, the sequel to my first book was a #1 best-seller.

I don’t say all of this to bore you to tears with my resume, but simply to demonstrate that I’m not all show and no go.  I am much more than a real estate guy.  I have been in the trenches doing this successfully for years and I need not work another day in my life to continue living as I wish

But my greatest passion is empowering people like you with the knowledge and skills you need to execute with confidence, to know what to buy, to know where and when to buy so you can achieve YOUR financial dreams. I know this is what’s lacking in most of the courses peddled to investors these days.

Our Property Apprenticeship is particularly
for you if you want to …
  • Create SUSTAINABLE WEALTH through property investing
  • Get out of the rat race, eliminate your commute, and get your time back!
  • Develop skills and master real estate investing, maximizing the potential of every property in your portfolio
  • Eliminate money stress from your life when you know how to create income opportunities from investment properties
  • Provide the best education and the best opportunities for your children
  • Upgrade your lifestyle with a better home in a better location
  • Provide for your extended family
  • Change the financial destiny of your family for GENERATIONS to come!

These are NOT pie in the sky impossible dreams. I have done this for my life and my family and thousands of my students are living, breathing proof that this works for them too.  They are upgrading their mindset, upgrading their skills, and subsequently upgrading their entire lives by using the principles, strategies and skills I teach in the Property Apprenticeship.

In fact, here are just a few comments from people who have gone through the Apprenticeship and are changing their lives because of it …

Now, if you qualify, you can join their ranks and achieve your financial dreams through property investing with the ultimate education in your hands.

As I’ve said before I personally manage a property portfolio valued at over $100 Million dollars.  Investors regularly pay me large sums of money to invest on their behalf and with that in mind its appropriate to mention that you’ll invest in this program just one time and you’ll get lifetime access to all of the content on the Members only forums as well as the most thorough education on property investing available anywhere in the world.

I’ve also personally built up a debt-free property portfolio from scratch for myself bringing in hudnreds of thousands of dollars per year in passive income.  I don’t say that to brag, but simply to demonstrate that I literally have initiated nearly a thousand property transactions since 1999.  I’ve achieve financial freedom for myself and taught HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people around the world how to do it as well… all through using my proven system.

This course is the culmination of all of that knowledge, distilled down for you into actionable, digestible, sections to help you make my knowledge, your knowledge.

This could be a life-changing opportunity for you my friend.  If you’ve read this far, I believe there’s good reason for that.  If you know you’re ready to finally gain the confidence you need to master property investing and create true financial freedom, then apply right now to get into our next class.

All my best,

Steve McKnight

P.S.  Take action right now while you’re excited about it.  In fact, the number one thing I hear from people who get into the Property Apprenticeship is that they wish they had done so sooner.  It is truly life changing.  The only thing that stands between you and the financial freedom you want is your decision to get it. 

P.P.S.  Should you decide to do nothing today, to click away and save all of this life changing stuff for another day, you will be no more closer to living like the financially free do than you were last week.  You will get more of what you’ve always gotten.  But I have a feeling that you want something more.  Remind yourself what you want to be different about your life and why you’re interested in Property to begin with (that’s actually one of the first things we explore in the course).  And then consider what it will mean for those dreams if you do nothing today.  I hope you’ll get into action and apply now.  It’s the ONLY way to get the results you want!

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