Who Else Wants To Save A Packet
When Sending & Receiving Overseas Funds?
PropertyInvesting.com has teamed up with OFX – an independent foreign exchange and payments company, to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to get more bang for your FX buck.
How Will I Benefit?
Once you’re registered with OFX using the special link below (which will tag you as a PropertyInvesting.com client), you’ll automatically qualify for:
OFX won't charge you ANY fees on your global transfers
Bank Beating Exchange Rates
An additional VIP discount to the already low rate – as much as 20 basis points.
How Much Will I Save?
It depends on where you are transferring money to, or receiving money from, and the amount of the transfer. That said, here’s a real life example using an actual screen shot of how much you would save on sending AUD$10,000 over to a US beneficiary.

NAB would charge you a fee ranging from $10 to $30, and provide you with US$7,512.
ANZ would charge you a $18 fee, and provide you with US$7,500.
OFX would charge no fee, and provide you with US$7,827 – at least an extra $315!
What Countries Can I Send / Receive From?
Here is a list of countries / currencies OFX currently supports:
How Long Does It Take For The Money To Arrive?
The FX transfer is completed usually within 24 to 48 hours after being received.
How Does It Work?
Here’s how it works:
2. Log In
3. Set up your recipient details
4. Book a transfer
5. Send the money to OFX using BPay or EFT
6. OFX will then send the foreign currency overseas to the nominated beneficiary, or else drop AUD into your nominated Aussie bank account.
Is It Easy /& Safe?
Absolutely! After using the service for the past five years, including sending tens of millions of dollars to the US for his Property Fund, Steve McKnight provided this testimonial.
“OFX has saved me many millions of dollars by providing discounted wholesale FX rates. It is extremely easy to use. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
- Steve McKnight
How Do I Register?
To get the special deal PropertyInvesting.com has negotiated with OFX you must register using one of the links on this page. It contains a special code that will automatically register you as a PropertyInvesting.com referral and provide automatic access to the benefits mentioned.
Have A Question?
If you have a question? Please email it to us and we’ll respond asap.