Special One-Off Education Event:
Join Steve McKnight LIVE Discover His Proven 4-Point Plan
For Investing In
Real Estate With
Confidence, Clarity,
And Precision.
Join Steve McKnight LIVE &
Discover His Proven 4-Point Plan
For Investing In Real Estate With
Confidence, Clarity, And Precision.
Announcing Limited Tickets For Steve’s NEW
1-Day Millionaire Mastermind Workshop…

Steve’s Only Live & In-Person Training In 2019
Will Review How You Can Gain Clarity, Confidence
& Precision  Profit Outcomes From Your Investing
8th April 2019
From Steve McKnight – Australia’s #1 Property Educator
Ticket Update: 4:25pm 8 April 2019
More Than 50% Of The Available Tickets Have Now Been SOLD.
Only 65, 51, 279 Super Saver Discount Tickets Left
Ticket Update:
1pm 28 March 2019

Over 50% Of The Available Tickets Have
Now Been SOLD.
Only 65, 51, 27, 9 Super
Saver Discount Tickets Left!
Dear Friend,

If you’re seeking an insightful, sensible, proven, and logic-based approach to understanding and profiting from the prevailing property market confusion, and you desire experienced, credible and genuine assistance with making practical and profitable investment decisions, then keep reading because a new and exciting opportunity awaits!
About The Current Property Market
Right now is a fascinating time to be talking about real estate. On the one hand, with values falling, even contemplating the purchase of real estate might seem foolish. On the other, the wisdom of ‘buying straw hats in the winter’ suggests that the smartest and best moment to buy is when property is out of favour. Which is right?

Only time will tell, but this I know – right now is both the best time, and the worst time, to be buying. How can this be? Well, the decisions you make today will shape what your future looks like tomorrow. If you want those decisions to be empowering and successful, then they need to be based on education, not estimates and erroneous assumptions.

So, provided you know what you’re doing, and why, then the present property market offers a plethora of really attractive opportunities. But if you’re speculating, or guessing, then look out – you could be in for a nasty lesson in "What it feels like to lose a lot of money!"
About Me
Just in case you don’t know, my background is accounting; risk management strategies and financial reporting, to be precise. 

Using my business skills, I pioneered savvy ‘risk averse’ tools, techniques and strategies for finding, buying, managing and selling highly profitable properties. These strategies allowed me to quit paid employment and become a full time investor in 1999, and, since then, have empowered me to purchase hundreds of properties, achieve personal financial freedom, and teach many thousands of people how to invest profitably, and with purpose.

I continue to use, and refine, these strategies to manage more than $150m in real estate assets, in addition to my own multi-million dollar asset portfolio.

As you can see, what I know works – not just for me, but for others, and I’d like it to work for you too.
About The Opportunity
I retired from running seminars in 2018, with one caveat. Once a year, around the time of my birthday in May, I promised to host an intensive 1-day live training education event that revealed the changes, modifications, revelations, upgrades and improvements that I’d made to my investing approach and system to make it even more profitable, even less risky, and even more powerful.
The only speaker will be me, and the training will be broken up into the following sessions:

Session 1: The Bottom Line Basics

Before tackling advanced strategies, or trying creative investing techniques, it’s important to make sure you have the basics covered. So, straight out of the gate I’m going to reveal the eight fundamentals for ‘low risk, high profit’ real estate investing – the cornerstone of my approach to making stacks of money.

This session is perfect for:
  • New investors
  • Children, if you have them and want to gift them the life skill of "managing money like a millionaire", or
  • Those who feel things have come off the rails and want to get their investing back on track.
Session 2: What’s Hot, And What’s Not

Next up we’ll ‘deconstruct’ the property market by capital city, by identifying, analysing and assessing six essential economic drivers that are the precursors to identifying the safest locations and strategies investors should focus on, as well as outlining the areas and approaches to steer clear of.

I don’t just want to show how the results, I want to empower you to be able to do the analysis on your own so you’ll always be able to tell the correct time on the property clock.

Session 3: Property Acquisition Plan & Writing Offers

You’re going to struggle to find a great deal if you don’t know what, or where, or how to look. In this session we’re going build upon the theory already covered and use a special template I’ve created – my Property Acquisition Plan – to identify and specify the 8 financial and 36 non-financial components that your ideal property investment should have.

Then I’m going to show you how to use my PAP template so you’ll have an army of other real estate professionals looking for that perfect deal for you.

Finally, I’m going to reveal how you can make offers with precision accuracy, clarity, and confidence, and with extremely high probability that they’ll be accepted.

Session 4: Diamond Or Dud?

It might not seem sexy, but being able to differentiate between a property deal that’s a diamond (that is, one that meets your deal profile), and one that’s a dud (that is, a real stinker), is an essential investing skill. Sadly, very few people know how to do this in a structured step-by-step manner.

In this session I’ll walk you though my updated proprietary 12-Step Due Diligence System, and focus in particular on a powerful optics template – my ‘Property Maths Matrix’.

You’re going to see how use simple and calculate, yet extremely powerful maths equations, to quickly and accurately determine the likely financial outcome of purchasing the property… and how you can too.

Session 5: Pro Negotiation

Having negotiated the purchase (and sale) of hundreds of properties, I have a unique cache of strategies that are highly effective in achieving discounts of thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars off the asking price.

In Session 5 I’ll walk you through real life negotiation interactions so you can see the exact phrases, wording, strategies and outcomes.

Session 6: Q&A

I’ll open up the floor to questions and any and every topic is on the table for discussion, whether personal, property or otherwise. You can use this time to ask about structuring, or financing, or perhaps philosophies about money. It’s your time, so it’s up to you.

Session 7: To Sell Or Not To Sell

Finally, to wrap up the day, we’re going to explore when, if ever, is the right time to sell. Prepare to be challenged as we consider some alternative, yet highly effective, investing notions, including the ‘velocity of money’ strategy.

Parting Blessing

We’ll complete the day with a parting blessing, plus I’ll be around to sign books, answer any questions you may have, or even take a selfie – if you want something to remember the occasion.


In summary, ONLY attend this event IF…
Bonus – Bring A Friend For Below Cost!
  • You want to know and master the fundamental skills to phenomenal investing success, including how to make stacks of money.
  • You’d like to receive a concise, independent and accurate summary of the Aussie property market (by capital city), including what’s hot, and what’s not.
  • You agree that knowing how to scope, identify and buy your ideal investment property AND have other people find it for you sounds amazing. 
  • You want to make offers to buy property with purpose, clarity and confidence
  • You want to know my updated 12-STEP systemthat I use avoid losing tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, by accidentally buying a property lemon. 
  • Knowing the strategies, phrases and techniques I use to negotiate huge discounts when making offers would be of interest. 
  • You want to discover how to ensure you don’t ‘overcook’ your property profit by identifying the right time to sell  
Who Should Attend
YOU should definitely attend, IF:
  • YOU are thinking about buying a home or investment property
  • YOU are new to investing, and want to start learning what works best – and what not to do 
  • YOU are already an investor but something has gone wrong and you want to self-correct 
  • YOU are seeking genuine guidance from a qualified, experienced and respected industry professional 
  • YOU are already a student of mine, or an investor in my Fund, and want to catch up in person 
  • YOU are a concerned parent and would like to introduce your children to the idea of smart money management and open their eyes to the world of investing 
What If You Need To Travel?
If you need to travel to the event then I highly recommend making the effort.

There is on-site accommodation, if needed, at the event or at many places nearby. One thing I know is this – if you don’t come, then you won’t know, and if you don’t know, you won’t profit!
Where And When
The 2019 Millionaire Mastermind is a live 1-day structured education event that will be run on Sunday 5th May 2019.

As mentioned it will be my ONLY live and in-person training in 2019. There are no repeats, rainchecks, recordings, nor will it be streamed – you have to be there in person to benefit.

Registration opens at 8:15am, for a 9am sharp start.

There will be short breaks for morning and afternoon tea, and for lunch (your own cost). The training will conclude no later than 5:30pm.

The venue is Pullman On The Park - 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002.
Your Investment
Included in the training package is:
Considering the substantial sums of money that you stand to make, or save, by applying the information shared, $1,675 per ticket represents extraordinary value. 
However, provided you are one of the next 65, 51, 27, 9 people to book you'll qualify for the Super Saver discount of 88%, meaning your investment to attend is just $198 (including GST).  That’s an incredible saving of $1,477 per person. 
Bonus – Bring A Friend For Below Cost!
And just in case the earlybird deal wasn’t great enough already, you’re welcome to bring up to two guests with you at below cost – just $99 each (including GST).

Please note that this is a strictly limited offer that may be withdrawn without notice. You are well advised to jump on it now, while it is still available.
How To Book Your Seat(s)
100% Money Back Guarantee

I want your attendance to be absolutely risk free, so if you feel at any time during the training that you have not received extraordinary information and value for money, then I’ll happily refund your entire investment – just see my staff and hand in your training materials prior to leaving. 

Please Note:

Tickets are not issued for the seminar. Instead, print out and bring your tax invoice with you and hand it in to reception to receive your name tag and notes pack. No refunds will be provided, other than as outlined in the 100% Money Back Guarantee. Unless otherwise agreed, only those who physically attend will receive the training materials, including a copy of the audio recording.
It’s easy to book your seat(s). While you can call my office on 03 8892 3800 (AEDT business hours), the quickest and easiest way to guarantee you grab your seat(s) right now is via our secure online ordering system.

To take advantage, simply click the ‘Book My Seat(s) Now’ button below. Once the order page opens, just identify how many seats you would like to reserve, then proceed through the secure online checkout and you’re done!
Just Hurry!
As this will be my ONLY live training in 2019, and given seats are strictly limited, it’s likely this event will sell out very quickly.

Don’t delay – book in now, if you want access to the latest information about how to make empowered and profitable investment decisions with purpose and precision, then this is the most important training event of the year.
Final Words
I do hope you can join me at this exciting upcoming intensive training experience. Remember - the 2019 Millionaire Mastermind is a live training workshop, there won’t be any repeats, nor rainchecks. I strongly encourage you to book your seat(s) now.

- Steve McKnight

P.S. If you have any questions then please email them to [email protected]