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Want To Be A More Confident
Investor Who Can Make More
Sooner & With Less Effort?
Want To Be A More Confident  Investor Who Can Make More Money, Sooner & With Less Effort?
From The Desk Of: Steve McKnight
Tuesday 8th August 2017
Dear Friend,
If you want to unlock a better and brighter financial future, and you want expert training on the latest highly effective tools and techniques to achieve your wealth goals as soon as possible, then read this webpage now!

You see, I want you to succeed. I want you to achieve those wonderful financial dreams you have. 

I want you to forever break the chains of ordinary and live the powerful destiny that lies within – to be a positive influence on your family and your community, not just for a moment, but for generations to come. 

But I can’t do it alone; I need your help...

I don't need much - just three things from you:
  • A desire to live a better life
  • A mind ready to explore and discover new possibilities; and
  • Three days to train and equip you with the skills needed for lasting success.
If you possess, or want to possess, these three items then this webpage contains the exciting details of a life changing seminar that has the power to change your financial future, for the better, forever. 
The Opportunity
Imagine for a moment what you could achieve if you had more money...

Naturally you could enjoy more of life's luxuries guilt-free, but you could also be a chief supporter of and contributor to any (or all) the worthy causes you wanted.

You could be a life-changer, even a life giver!

Well, once a year for three days, a limited number of people are provided with the amazing opportunity to rub shoulders and network with and be trained by an elite hand-picked group of successful investors and entrepreneurs - people who I know have accomplished maximum success in their field of expertise.

People who I know can positively and profoundly impact your personal and financial lives for the better.
2017 Millionaire Mega Conference Speakers
Each year I assemble a world class line up of experts who are charged with the challenge of revealing the tips, tricks and techniques for how they make extraordinary sums of money to fund a privileged lifestyle enjoy life choices that deliver a level of freedom and flexibility few are privileged enough to ever experience. To be selected the expert has to 'eat their own cooking', which means they must do what they teach in real life and be highly successful at it.  This year's speakers include:
Steve McKnight
Property Investing
Since buying my first rental in May 1999 for $44,000, I've acquired hundreds of investment properties, both in Australia and overseas.

In addition to overseeing his own property portfolio, I'm the Chair and CEO of a $140,000,000 managed investment scheme that owns US commercial property.

And at this year's Millionaire Mega Conference I'll be taking the stage numerous times to reveal profitable and highly relevant property investing strategies, including...
  • The full details of my Aussie property acquisition plan including what I'm buying, where and why
  • How to go from 0 to Financial Freedom, starting in 2017 using the power of your very own Wealth Action Plan.
  • The Six Secrets To Power Negotiation - discover how it's possible to negotiate savings of tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, off the asking price.
  • The inside scoop into a fantastic top secret investor resource I've been writing for two years - a powerful new proprietary 12-step system that I believe is the most empowering tool ever created on how to avoid buying a property lemon.
  • A blueprint for acquiring great property that even a beginner with no previous training or experience could easily follow to find and buy great deals.
  • The exciting details of how you can join in and be a foundation investor in my new Aussie Commercial Property Fund.
... And much, much more!
Cherie Barber
Renovating For Profit
Cherie Barber is Australia’s Renovation Queen™, one of the stars of Network 10’s The Living Room, a regular TV renovator on Network 9’s Today Extra show & Sky Business news, weekly radio presenter, highly sought after public speaker, author, award winning business woman and the star of her own TV show in the United States of America called the 5 Day Flip.

At the age of 21, Cherie embarked on a minor renovation and cosmetically flipped her first property, making a fantastic profit in the process that sparked her interest in property. 

Then she bought another unrenovated house straight after, and as they say, the rest is history. 27 years later, she’s now personally renovated over 100 properties to date

In 2009, Cherie established her company, Renovating For Profit, after constant requests from people asking how she did, what she did. She holds Australia’s largest community of renovators and more than 10,000 Aussies have now undergone her training, making her the clear market leader for quality property renovation education. 

She is considered by many to be renovation royalty, both in Australia and internationally.

In addition to her significant renovation achievements, Cherie has been a finalist twice in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards and in 2016, was named as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence in Australia. 

She is a national brand ambassador for Asbestos Awareness and is passionate about educating homeowners and DIYers on how to renovate safely when asbestos is lurking. She lists her most significant role as also being mum to her 11-year-old daughter, Milan.

When Cherie takes the stage at this year's Millionaire Mega Conference, she is going to show you:
  • Some of the key cosmetic changes to add real value to your property.
  • How to budget your renovation so that you never overcapitalise.
  • How to plan a rapid renovation to save time and money.
  • How to get a designer look on a shoe string budget.
  • Plus, sneak peeks at never before seen Cherie projects that have made huge profits. 
Brendan Nichols
Internationally Acclaimed Business Strategies
Brendan Nichols was highly successful in the real world of business before he went on to train tens of thousands of people around the world. 

A best-selling author, published by the giant Harper Collins, he regularly made 7 figures in income per annum, while taking 3 months holiday a year. He is financially independent. Brendan believes that killing yourself until you are 65, then retiring is the dumbest idea of all time. Why not have an amazing life and make money while you are doing it?

I regard Brendan as a close friend and credit his help in steering me through one of the most difficult and personally challenging periods of my life. In short, when Brendan speaks, I don't just listen, I take notes!

He has a remarkable ability to uncover the specific blocks that stand in your way and showing you how to achieve financial lift-off, and when Brendan takes the stage he is going to reveal...
  • Secrets of Making More Money and Mastering Abundance.
  • Little Known Secrets of How to Make More Money and Get Out of the Rat Race.
  • Or: How to Make More Money AND Have an Amazing Life in the Process.
... And much, much more!
Lisa McInnes-Smith
Shifting Performance
Lisa McInnes-Smith is a performance expert. With a background in Sport Psychology, Lisa passionately propels individuals, teams and groups to new levels of achievement and strategic competence. Business development through personal growth is inspired and locked-in by Lisa’s unique teaching techniques. 

The result: purpose-driven people who in turn relate to and inspire those around them.

Her journey began when she set, and subsequently achieved, a goal at 26 years of age to positively impact the lives of 1 million Aussie teenagers. 

She has successfully managed her own business through the subsequent years, has spoken to more than 2 million people, authored 7 best-selling books, thrived in marriage and raised 3 children. Lisa knows and lives life/work balance!

And when Lisa takes the stage, she is going to show you...
  • How to transform your potential into high performance habits so you can achieve maximum results in everything you do.
  • How to re-fire your passion for life and business.
  • How to identify the goals that build a sense of adventure & excitement and get you revved up about life again.
  • How to strengthen your thinking skills so you can quickly maximize the value of the skills you are learning during this info-packed event.
  • How to develop self-belief and reduce self-doubt.
  • How to fast track your faith in yourself and your future.
  • How to avoid distraction, get focused and get the things done that will finally transform your life and finances.
  • How to live inspired and be inspiring to everyone around you!
Peter Koulizos
Property Hotspotting
Combining the theory of property investment with more practical aspects, Peter teaches people how to have property investment success. 

Peter also researches property markets around the nation, looking for the best investment suburbs in each capital city. Peter runs the property investment course at TAFE SA. He also teaches in property valuation and development at the University of South Australia.
Peter holds a teaching degree, Graduate Diploma in Property and Masters of Business (Property). Importantly, Peter also personally invests in property. Peter has written two books: “The Property Professor’s Top Australian Suburbs” and “Property vs. Shares”. 

He also writes regular articles for and News Ltd and is a regular expert contributor to:
  • Australian Property Investor
  • Your Investment Property
  • Money
  • Your Money Your Call
  • Channel 9 News
  • Today Tonight
  • TODAY Show 

And when Peter takes the stage this year you must pay close attention because the data he is revealing could very well lead you to your next successful investment. We're talking about data like...

  • The state of the residential property market in Australia
  • What is happening in each state/city
  • What is forecast to happen in each state/city
  • The best suburbs for investing in each city
  • The best types of properties to buy
  • The worst types of property to buy
Daniel Gibbs
Success Leaves Clues
Two times Finalist and Winner of the Telstra Australian Business Award, Daniel is a born entrepreneur - even selling lost golf balls back to golfers at 6 years old.

He always had a plan to be successful, but it took another 20 years to learn from other successful people about how to take action before he eventually began his own business journey.

He now enjoys the freedom of time and lives life on his own terms with his wife and 2 young daughters, all while his multiple businesses grow around him.

When Daniel speaks, he gets right to the point, and will show you a proven success formula that has worked for thousands of successful people, including himself. You’ll want to pay attention when he reveals...
  • A 5-Step formula for success that anyone can use
  • The top 3 Mistakes to avoid on your success journey
  • Why you need to take action NOW 
  • How to create your own system to achieve your goals automatically
  • The most important clues for success left by other successful people
  • How to recognize the pitfalls of success and what you can do to avoid them
Daniel is a high level operator, and his quick thinking focus, mastery of systems and ability to communicate in real and tangible ways makes him a dynamic, inspiring speaker.
Daniel Flynn
Co-founder of Thankyou Water
At the age of 19, struck by global poverty and excess consumer spending, Daniel Flynn and a group of friends founded Thankyou Water (now Thankyou) - a social enterprise that exists to empower Australians to change the world through simple everyday purchases.
Under Daniel’s leadership, the social enterprise has given over $3.7 million to projects spanning 16 countries

As at February 2016, Thankyou has funded safe water access for 170,177 people, hygiene and sanitation programs for 231,582 people and 19.1 million days’ of immediate food aid on top of their long-term food solutions to people in need.
In 2014, Daniel was named Victorian Young Australian of the Year and was an honoree in the JCI Ten Outstanding People of the World program. Most recently, Daniel was awarded the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region.

So when Daniel takes the stage and this years Millionaire Mega Conference, pay close attention because he is going to show you what YOU can achieve by...
  • Challenging the status quo so you can make meaningful and significant changes in your life and in this world.
  • Challenging your thinking, causing you to tear down the mental barriers and psychological road blocks that are preventing you from achieving what you desire and deserve in YOUR life.
  • And through sharing his own personal experience, he will show you that you do have the hidden power to make the changes in your life that you want.
Jason Staggers
Insights of a Property Mentor
Jason is a personal mentor and coach for Steve McKnight's Property Apprenticeship program. He has helped hundreds of investors achieve greater results on their journey toward financial freedom.

When Jason takes the stage at the Millionaire Mega Conference he is going to be revealing some profoundly powerful mindset strategies, ensuring you are "thinking for success" including...
  • The secret of success that most people are too proud to recognise
  • Why some “dumb" people achieve financial freedom and many “intelligent" people don’t
  • How to tap into the belief that you are destined for greatness
  • How to move from being a dreamer to a doer
  • Why we must treat our personal finances like a business and not like a hobby
  • Developing a healthy view of debt
  • How to ensure that you never again give up on a goal
  • How to defeat the destructive power of greed
  • Making sure that you don’t just become wealthy, but you stay wealthy 
Derek Gehl
New Cash Flow Ideas
For over 18 years, Derek Gehl has been pioneering tools and systems that enable ordinary people to create extraordinary businesses using the Internet.

After selling his last company, one of the largest companies in the world dedicated to helping small businesses grow and prosper online, Derek refocused his efforts on leveraging new technologies and trends to create businesses that not only generate incredible profits, but also give you the freedom to work where ever you want.

He calls this new model: "The Lifestyle Business"... and there are already thousands of people around the world using this new model with MASSIVE success.

So if you're looking for a way to accelerate your income and have more freedom, then you need to hear what Derek has to say because when he takes the stage he's going to show you...
  • The most popular online businesses you can start on the Internet in your spare time with minimal investment and technical skills.
  • The "Ultimate Internet Business Model". This is the business model that tens of thousands of digital entrepreneurs are using TODAY to generate 6, 7, and 8 figure incomes on the Internet... working from their laptop!
  • The so-called "hot online business opportunities" that you must avoid TODAY.
  • Derek's Rapid Ignition System anyone can use to tap into hot niche markets, uncover products ideas and generate profits... even if you don't have your own product!
And the list could go on!

Ultimately, if you have little or no money to invest in real estate today, Derek can show you how to create multiple streams of income in your spare time (which you can then use to buy stacks of property... like I did!)
Mark Unwin
Tax Solutions To Property Problems
Australia’s accountant to the property stars, Mark Unwin -- partner of Mark Unwin & Associates -- is on hand to open your eyes to a variety of mission critical taxation and accounting matters that every property investor must consider.
  • How are property profits taxed?
  • What entity should I use to buy real estate?
  • The highlights of what you need to know about GST and property transactions
  • Potential pitfalls when investing overseas
  • Tax issues and advantages with renting out the family home
  • Is it a good idea to buy property in your self managed super fund?
A proper structure is essential to protecting and preserving your wealth and Mark will ensure you know how to protect YOURS.
Matt Jones
Fast Profits From Subdivisions
A few years ago Matt was the student, now he’s become the master… at lump sum cash profits made from simple subdivisions.
So if you want to discover which projects are duds in disguise, and which are the diamonds to focus on in order to build your capital base quickly, then you will want to pay close attention when Matt reveals...
  • How he made the transition from Postie to full time property investor
  • The exact process he used to build profit by subdividing property
  • His list of top 5 absolute ‘musts’ to complete a successful subdivision
  • The 3 key pitfalls to avoid when subdividing property
  • How he made an easy $50k on his first subdivision while still holding down a 9 to 5 job
  • The 3 big mistakes he made on his first subdivision that left thousands of dollars on the table
  • How he went about building a quality team around himself to leverage off of
Note: while these speakers are confirmed as at the date of writing due to circumstances beyond our control a change of speakers and / or content may occur at the actual seminar. 
2017 Millionaire Mega Conference Topics
What to Buy...
What properties should you target (and why) for maximum profit, and which ones to avoid at all costs.
How to Buy...
Tools and strategies to negotiate great deals and buy property at bargain prices – often tens of thousands of dollars less.
Which Strategies...
New and innovative ways to invest, as well as plain old-fashioned tried-and-tested smart ways to make more money.
Income Accelerators...
Starting with little (or nothing)? Discover how to create gushing streams of investing capital with nothing but good ideas.
1-on-1 Mentoring...
Need an expert to bounce some ideas off of? Need someone to give you a kick up the pants to get back in the game? Then you need to be there.
Personal Development...
Success is as much about having the right mindset. Discover the "millionaire mindset" so you can be all you can be and more, by transforming from the inside out.
And Much More...
This is just a small sample of the many topics that will be covered at Conference.
Venue: International Convention Centre Sydney
The 2017 Millionaire Mega Conference will be held at The International Convention Centre at 14 Darling Dr, Sydney on the following days:
Friday, Sept 15th, 2017
Registration opens – 8:00am
Doors Open – 8:45am
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 9:00pm
Saturday,Sept 16th, 2017
Registration opens – 8:15am
Doors Open – 8:45am
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 5:30pm
Sunday, Sept 17th, 2017
Registrations opens – 8:15am
Doors Open – 8:45am 
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 5:30pm
Please note: Your investment to attend includes access to all presentations. Lunch is by your own arrangement.
Sorry! The conference is SOLD OUT!
This page can still be used as a reference for people that have purchased tickets.
What Others Say About Conference
If for some reason you’re still unsure whether or not the 2017 Millionaire Mega Conference is right for you, here’s what attendees have said about previous years' events:
[We came away] with hope, inspiration, motivation, purpose and several strategies.”
 - Tracey Hamilton and Roger Coppard
“Heaps of information and usable strategies that can be used to build huge amounts of wealth.”
- Matthew Patterson
“The money was better than well spent. A tiny price to pay for the amount of content.”
- Julie Nolan
“The conference is worth 20 times more, at least!! You can’t afford not to attend.”
- Rachelle Wilkes
“If you’re serious about a future in property investment, the small cost is irrelevant. [It gave me] the belief that anything is possible if you have the right mind set, tools and determination.”
- Caleb Hughes
“Cost of the event is a lot less than the value of knowledge you will attain.
Loads of fantastic information and inspiration to help me further my investing experience.”
- Greg Hood
“Attending this event gave me the confidence and motivation to take action and discover things I didn’t know existed”
- Karen Cramp
“If you want to change your life, this is where to begin.”
- Lea & Hadyn Green
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Can I Book Multiple Tickets?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to attend with your partner, or a friend, as in our experience sharing the experience with someone else who is close to you can help get even more from the seminar. 

2. Is this Millionaire Mega Conference suitable for first time investors?

Most definitely, there are dedicated sessions that will help you clarify, locate and buy your first highly profitable investment property with confidence.

3. I’m an advanced investor… will it be worth my time to come?

Well, if you want to know how and what millionaire investors are doing right now, or you want to sharpen up your skills to go to the next level, there is no better event to attend.

4. What if I’ve heard some of the speakers before?

If you don’t want to listen to their presentation again, I recommend you make an appointment with one of the other speakers (subject to their availability) and brainstorm ways to improve your investing.

5. Will it be worthwhile travelling from interstate?

Most definitely! While the additional travel appears like a downside, the truth is that interstate conference attendees walk away with a tremendous competitive advantage as they can return home armed with information that will ensure they can access opportunities that others can’t see or don’t know how to capitalise upon.

6. Will you be offering this event / speaking line up again soon?

No way! Trying to assemble this exact line up of speakers won’t ever happen again. I recommend that you make the effort, because this event will be the ground breaking experience that kick-starts million dollar plus property empires.

7. Will this be a glorified sales fest?

Absolutely not. While some speakers may offer further training opportunities, this event is genuine educational investor focused training. You are guaranteed to leave with many knew ideas, lots of new skills and a renewed desire and motivation to achieve your wealth creation dreams.

8. What do I do if I have questions?

Please direct your questions to Romy via email (, or else call the office (business hours) on 03 8892 3800.
Final Words...
I wonder… how important is your financial future?

If you’re sick of talking or dreaming about a better life and you’re ready to take meaningful, affirmative action and be trained and guided by world class experts with proven results, then it’s time to step forward and join me and my experienced team at Millionaire Mega Conference in September. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just be sure you book your seat(s) before they sell out!