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26 February 2019
Dear Friend,

Are you a fan of positive cashflow property and the idea of using it to fund your financial freedom? If so then the news outlined on this webpage is not only game-changing and exciting, it also provides you with access to one of the hottest investing strategies emerging right now. Hurry though… the training opportunity I’m revealing is strictly limited.
Positive Cashflow
In case you don’t know, positive cashflow is an investing outcome where the cash you receive back (in rent) is higher than the cash you pay out (in finance, management, ownership, and usage or admin costs). Here’s an example:
Joel's Story... From Goose To Gem
Joel was stuck with a property he couldn't sell.
He'd bought it back in 2015, well before he'd had any education in property investing.

As a Fly In, Fly Out (FIFO) mine worker Joel was well paid, but at the cost of a tough lifestyle. Joel didn't want to work at the mines forever and thought he should invest in property for his financial future.
With no investment strategy and little property knowledge, Joel bought a 3 bedroom townhouse on the east coast of Queensland.
Three years later and with a great deal more knowledge, Joel wanted to sell that townhouse and use the resulting funds for a subdivision deal.

But nobody wanted to buy it. All he could get were low-ball offers, well below what he thought it was worth.

Then he bumped into Ian Ugarte and discovered a whole new paradigm for investing in property. So Joel crunched some numbers...
As a standard rental property it was generating $360/week.

After expenses, not allowing for vacancies and providing there were no surprises, it was JUST positive cash flow, bringing in $2,120 per year. Not bad, but not great either...

Then he applied Ian’s strategy. It took just 48 hours for Joel and his partner Bianca to complete the conversion work on site, after a couple of weeks of planning. Now the property was ready for a different type of residential use.

Joel had tenants lined up and waiting to move in, delivering a new rental income from the property of $830 per week. He’s increased the rental income by $470 per week, an extra $24,440 per year!

Converting the property cost just $17,500 and increased cash flow from the property by $17,380... that's a 99% return on investment on the improvement costs - all completely legal and compliant.

Here are the figures for Joel’s property:
Using Your Positive Cashflow
You can use your positive cashflow to:
  • Pay down debt, thereby increasing the amount of positive cashflow you receive as your loan balance reduces
  • Pay the deposit on your next investment property allowing you to fast track your investing progress
  • Offset any negative cashflow a property already in your portfolio may be experiencing making your portfolio more affordable and sustainable
  • Pay off your home loan, thereby helping you to own your own home, sooner
  • Pay for your living expenses, allowing you to incrementally achieve financial freedom
…With Capital Growth Upside
Not only does this new and exciting investment strategy result in very high cashflow returns, but it will also see its market value increase substantially once a property has been ‘transformed’ (see below). Why? Because the higher cashflow will make it very appealing for yield-focussed investors. Here’s another example, this time in regional NSW:
The property was renovated and converted to a different type of residential use, which made a huge difference to the figures:
Wow! That extra cashflow translate to an estimated 40% instant improvement in the property's value!
…Solving An Important Housing Crisis
This is not a strategy where you have to sell your soul, rip anyone off, lie, cheat or compromise your integrity. In fact, by providing low cost and affordable housing, you’ll be solving one of the most pressing problems of our generation and helping people at the same time. It’s a genuine win-win outcome!
How Does It All Work?
As with most investing strategies, the key to implementing this strategy is to understand it intimately. Luckily, this strategy is not complicated to comprehend, nor is it overly difficult to find houses that are suitable. Once you know what to look for you’ll soon see they’re available in just about every city, in every State, in Australia, if not the world. 
What Kind Of Returns Are Possible?
Naturally, it will depend on the property, but double-digit cashflow and capital gains returns are entirely possible. Certainly, the profits are poised to be much higher than the rental and capital gains returns you can get via normal ‘buy and hold’ investing.
Aren’t Property Values Decreasing?
They may well be, but savvy investors know that such times represent opportunity knocking at your door. As Warren Buffett says, you should be greedy when people are fearful, and fearful when people are greedy!
Now is the perfect time to be negotiating hard and locking up great properties at discounted prices. The cashflow the property will produce will allow you to hold through any short-term downturn, and the money you save today will add to your capital appreciation when the market eventually bounces back again.
Introducing Ian Ugarte
The pioneer of this exciting strategy is industry leader Ian Ugarte.
Over the past year or so I’ve got to know Ian, and his business and life partner Christine, on a professional and personal basis, and the more I see and know, the more I like and respect him.

He’s the real deal – not just someone teaching the theory, but proving it works by doing the strategy himself… on an inspiring and impressive scale (like a whole housing subdivision of positive cashflow affordable homes).

Ian has a small army of protégés that he has taught and who are applying the strategy successfully.

For example, here’s a deal that Sanjeev, one of his students, has just done:
Sanjeev's Story... 91% More Rent & Feeling Great
After his daughter was born, Sanjeev decided he didn’t want to wait 25 years for his property investing to finally pay off. He wanted to eventually replace his income and be able to “retire young” from his job.

The trouble was that, following the conventional approach, he would need 5 to 6 properties (he only had 1), and years of strong growth in the property market to increase their value.

That looked like a daunting process in the current market, and virtually impossible on his current income.
It was time for a very different approach.

Sanjeev decided to transform his investment property, converting it to a different style of residential use.
After just 45 days he’d increased the rental yield, so that instead of generating $620 per week, that similar houses in the area were renting for, it was bringing in $1,190 per week in rent. That's a 91% increase in rental return above comparable properties.  No, that’s not a misprint... his property was now producing an extra $570 every single week. In his words:

“Investment is a game where you are looking for a return. Through the HI-RES system I discovered how to get a 12-15% yield instead of a 5-7% yield. And I feel great about it, because I’m also helping the community.

Here are his figures:
How To Find Out More
For the first time ever, and as a special favour to me and my PropertyInvesting.com VIP clients, Ian has agreed to host a new 1-day intensive training. Starting at 9:30am and concluding at 4:30pm, among the many topics attendees will discover include:
  • A full and comprehensive outline of the strategy so you can be fully informed, confident and knowledgeable about how it all works
  • Ian’s High Income Real Estate System for finding suitable properties, including the Rentrepreneur strategy that allows you to double your income of houses that you do NOT even own!
  • Proprietary and proven strategies, including the key words and phrases used in a successful negotiation in order to potentially save many thousands of dollars on small and big deals
  • The art of creatively transforming a new purchase into a highly positive cashflow investment
  • How to do a ‘cashflow conversion’ – where an existing property that is either underperforming or negatively geared becomes a positive cashflow gem
  • Clever and cost-effective management solutions, refined from years of experience, that will make your investing life much easier and less hassle
  • How to pinpoint the right time to sell, and how to market the property so you stand to make impressive capital gains
  • Much, much more including case studies, Q&As, and live brainstorming.
Who Is This Seminar Suitable For?
This intensive investing training is suitable for:
  • New investors looking to purchase their first investment property, and who are wanting step-by-step guidance on how to do it the right way
  • Existing investors looking to transform an underperforming asset, or to boost their property portfolio’s cashflow return
  • Those with land and who are wondering what to build to maximise cashflow and capital gains returns
  • SMSF investors who have, or are looking for, a creative way to increase their cashflow
  • Those who work in public or community housing and want to learn about a new, fresh, interesting and insightful approach
  • Those with a heart to help people and are looking for a win-win investing approach to doing so.
  • Parents who want to introduce their kids to the principles of successful investing. Be sure to bring your kids along!
  • Anyone who has heard Ian speak before and would like to reconnect or know the latest upgrades to his clever investing strategies
What People Say About Ian & His New Investing Strategy
I increased the rental income from my 3 Bedroom townhouse by 131% - more than double - by using Ian's strategy. That gave me an extra $17,000 per year in cash flow. Not bad for a property that I tried to sell but no one wanted it.

- Joel Keefer
Not long after we met Ian, I was made redundant. We started implementing Ian's strategies on our existing properties and we were soon able to create enough additional cash flow to replace my income. I haven't had to go back into paid employment since.

- Kathy
I took on Ian and Christine’s Coaching program for 12 months wanting to kick start my investing with the safety of working with someone who’s done it before. I walked out with an incredible new skill set having learned not just the numbers for feasos but the ability to look at any deal from a creative viewpoint, stacking strategies and focusing on win-win scenarios for all parties involved.

- Corina Sell
When I met Ian I had only one investment property and his strategy showed me how to increase the income from $630 per week to $1,200 per week. That extra cash flow let me move on and purchase more properties. Three years later I'm now on track to replace my income and leave work by the end of 2019.

- Sanjeev Sah
When we started out in property investing, it was all about negative gearing. We were always forking out money to pay for things, like a dishwasher breaking down. We were on our 25th wedding anniversary in Bali when we joined Ian's program and immediately started drawing up plans to convert our properties using his strategy. Once we'd converted all three of our investment properties, we found they were producing an extra $52,000 per year in cash flow. In fact they're so appealing to tenants that our daughter and her boyfriend moved into one of them as our tenants.

Ian's training has given us confidence and the ability to think of all the things we can do now.

- Howard & Joanne
Small is the new big is a great program and has so many options whether you are chasing cashflow or cash. I have done a lot of programs and believe it is the best bang for buck. I have done three deals so far in 4 months and am already seeing great results.

- Allan
The education we have received has honestly been life changing for our family. We have learnt and grown so much since joining the program. We have freedom now to make amazing choices, we have time, we have a quality family life and work balance and we just continue to learn and grow. It has allowed myself to leave full time employment, it has allowed my husband to work 4 days a week instead of his FIFO roster of 28 days on and 6 off! We are so grateful to Ian and his team!

- Kara Collins
Where & When
Ian will be running three one-day workshops in the following cities and on the following dates:


Brisbane Exhibition Centre
Merivale St & Glenelg Street,
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Saturday, 2nd March

Melbourne Convention Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006


Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
36 College St,
Sydney NSW 2010
Apologies to those in other cities. I hope you’re able to travel to one of the above seminars as it will be well worthwhile.

Each seminar has registration from 9am for a 9:30am start, and will conclude at 4:30pm. Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival. Lunch is by your own arrangement and at your own cost.
How To Attend At Cost… If You’re Quick!
While tickets are very competitively priced at just $99 each – a bargain for a full day of intensive investment training with a genuine industry pioneer – if you order right now, and while tickets last, all you’ll pay is an incredible $29 per ticket.

Why so low? Two reasons…

1. We’re running this at cost as a goodwill gesture to share the gift of knowledge with PropertyInvesting.com members, their family and friends; and

2. Ian has a heart to train and educate as many people as possible to help those who desperately need affordable housing solutions.

Just please note that at this price we will not be able to offer refunds for those who book but are unable to attend, including no-shows.
How To Book Your Seat(s)
It’s easy to book your seat(s). While you can call my office on 03 8892 3800 (AEDT business hours), the quickest and easiest way to guarantee you grab your seat(s) right now is via our secure online ordering system.

To take advantage, simply click the ‘Book My Seat(s) Now’ button below. Once the order page opens, identify which event you would like to attend, and how many tickets you would like to secure. Finally, proceed through the secure online checkout and you’re done!
Just Hurry!
If you want the inside scoop on a new and exciting positive cashflow investing strategy, with capital growth upside, delivered by a genuine industry leader with many years of proven experience, and want to attend at cost then book in now!

Seating is strictly limited and tickets are highly likely to be snapped up quickly, meaning your window to take action is closing every moment you delay.
Final Words
I do hope you can join Ian at this exciting upcoming intensive training experience. There are no recordings possible, nor plans to offer it again in 2019, so I urge you to adjust your schedules as needed to make sure you secure the insights, confidence and empowerment that will surely come from training with a genuine and impressive industry expert.

- Steve McKnight

P.S. Remember – seats are strictly limited. Be sure to book yours now.

P.P.S. If you have any questions then please email them to [email protected]