Want to know
how to make
maximum profits,
with minimum risk using a practical, proven & highly
profitable step-by
step system...  
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Can Attend For FREE
Want to know how to make 
maximum profits, with minimum risk
using a practical, proven & highly profitable step-by step system?
See Details Below Revealing
How You Can Attend For FREE
See Details Below Revealing How You Can Attend For FREE
12th June 2019
From Steve McKnight - Australia's #1 Best Selling Property Author
Dear Friend,

Right now, there's one investing technique that's proving to be even more effective, and even more profitable, than ever before.

And I want you to know about it, and profit from it -
for free.

The strategy I'm talking about is a special type of real estate renovation, in specific niche areas, and done  according, to a recently updated step-by-step system that's has been refined to a level where just about everyone can apply it successfully.
Take note: I am NOT talking about DIY renos like you see on TV. 

I'm referring to a propitiatory investing-focused step-by-step system that's been pioneered, polished and perfected over the past 15+ years that is ready and waiting for you to implement and profit from it.
Why Right Now?
You could be forgiven for thinking that now might be a poor time to invest in real estate. Provided you have and are implementing the right system, strategy and structure, nothing could be further from the truth - here's why:

1. Superior Negotiation Power

The best time to buy is in a buyer's market, when you have superior ability to negotiate large discounts, which will equate to profit in your pocket as and when the market recovers.
2. Cheap Financing

Interest rates have never been cheaper, and that will do wonders to making your reno projects even more profitable.

3. Government Incentives

The new Federal government's 5% deposit initiative opens up a fantastic new opportunity for smart investors to cash in.

4. The Wood Ducks Have Flown Away

In a hot market you have to compete with every Tom, Dick and Harriet who thinks s/he can make a quick profit. Now, with fewer novices on the huskings, it allows you to have a clear run and the best opportunities without being in a rush, and without sellers being greedy.

But these good times won't last, so you need to act now while the going is good!

Introducing Dean Parker...
Since renovating his first property in 2003, Dean and his team have been involved in 450+ property transactions, including renovating 218 dwellings, and developing another 204 dwellings.

Furthermore, right now, Dean and his team are:

    • Renovating 12 apartments and 4 units; and also
    • Developing 26 apartments and 25 townhouses


So, if spending a whole day hanging out with a genuine full-time professional investor and learning and listening, and being taught and tutored, sounds fun and exciting then grab your spot(s) right now as this is the only time in 2019 that this seminar series will be offered.
What People Say About Dean
"I rarely endorse anyone however in the case of Dean Parker I do without hesitation. He is the real deal, with remarkable integrity and actually does what he talks about. His unique system has the potential to save you years of pain and show you the path to success. "

- Brendan Nichols
International Speaker and best selling author 
"To be even given an opportunity to hear their advice is a true gift because 99% of people that know what they do aren't sharing it. Well done, you found the 1% now stop reading the testimonials and sign up to whatever they have to give."

- Brian Peters
Private Investor
"I've simply never met anyone better at turn-key renovation. Dean gets my highest possible endorsement for his innovation, ingenuity and integrity."

- Steve McKnight
Best Selling Author & Professional Investor
"I really appreciate how straightforward Dean is as a person and how generous he is with sharing great information."
- Genevieve
Private Investor
"Dean and Elise Parker are active investors, developers, renovators and property managers. What these guys haven't done in property isn't worth knowing. Listen to what they have to say, their authenticity will shine through."
- Martin Ayles
Professional Investor
What You'll Discover...
It's hard to imagine it, but at the end of the workshop you won't believe the incredible investing knowledge, insights and income acceleration opportunities you'll receive and be empowered and equipped to profit from.

Here is how the workshop is expected to run:
  • The mindset shift, and investing skills Dean used to transition from unhappy full time employee, to a financially free empowered investor.
  • What proven parameters that make the perfect reno deal in the current property market.
  • How to reduce risk and maximise returns by accurately crunching the numbers on a reno deal.
  • The secret to overcoming financing difficulties and locking a funding pipeline you can use to upscale your potential.
  • Locating the perfect post code - how to find the right area to renovate.
  • Dean's 'area specialist' strategies to ensure you don't get ripped off, or pay too much, for a property.
  • The filtering tools and other due diligence techniques to ensure you don't accidentally buy a dud.
  • How to train and empower real estate agents to find properties for you, including lesser known strategies for locating and profiting from 'off market' opportunities.
  • How professional investors use money partners and joint venture partners to sometimes purchase with little, potentially even none, of their own money.
  • The 'Road To Riches Renovation System' - a step-by-step approach that takes the mystery and fear out of renovating and replaces it with a replicable and systematic money making strategy.
  • And much, much more.
Workshop Locations & Dates:

Saturday, 15th June 2019

Hurry! Event Closing Soon!
9am to 5pm
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cnr Merivale and Glenelg Streets, South Bank

Sunday, 16th June 2019

Hurry! Event Closing Soon!
9am to 5pm
Mercure Sydney
818-820 George St, Ultimo

Saturday, 22nd June 2019 

9am to 5pm
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf 
Want To Come FOR FREE?
Without any shadow of a doubt, you'd pay $990+ for a day of structured professional investor training, hosted and run by a genuine expert, in a corporate setting.

However, as a special favour to me, Dean has waived his speaking fee entirely, which has meant that I'm able to offer you the opportunity to attend for cost - just $195 per seat.
That said, if you book now - and I mean right now - I'll absorb your entire cost meaning you can attend as my guest - for free.

Make no mistake. This training come with my highest possible endorsement for the quality of its information, integrity and ingenuity.  
How To Book Your Ticket:
To secure your below cost ticket before they are all gone simply click the "Register Now" button below and select the location and number of seats you would like to grab, and the follow the simple instructions to complete the registration process.
So, what's it going to be? 

Are you ready to commit to a better and brighter financial future by attending an exceptional education event that is sure to positively impact your life forever, or are you going to bemoan your life situation and spend another year working harder rather than smarter? Come on! It's time to expand your wealth horizons.

Best regards,
Steve McKnight

P.S. If you have any questions then please email [email protected]