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How To Get Free VIP Access To Australia's Best Property Training  That Reveals How To Make More Money, Sooner & With Less Effort
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Act Now To Redeem Your Free VIP Tickets!
(*$88 seat deposit is required to hold your seat and will be refunded when you attend the live event)
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From The Desk Of: Steve McKnight
28th May 2018
Dear Friend, 

If you want to unlock a better and brighter financial future, and you want expert training on the latest highly effective tools and techniques to achieve your wealth goals as soon as possible, then read this webpage now!

You see, I want you to succeed. I want you to achieve those wonderful financial dreams you have. 

I want you to forever break the chains of ordinary and live the powerful destiny that lies within – to be a positive influence on your family and your community, not just for a moment, but for generations to come. 

But I can’t do it alone; I need your help...

I don't need much - just three things from you:
  • A desire to live a better life
  • A mind ready to explore and discover new possibilities; and
  • Three days to train and equip you with the skills needed for lasting success.
If you possess, or want to possess, these three items then this webpage contains the exciting details of a life changing seminar that has the power to change your financial future, for the better, forever. 
The Opportunity
Imagine for a moment what you could achieve if you had more money...

Naturally you could enjoy more of life's luxuries guilt-free, but you could also be a chief supporter of and contributor to any (or all) the worthy causes you wanted.

You could be a life-changer, even a life giver!

Well, once a year for three days, a limited number of people are provided with the amazing opportunity to rub shoulders and network with and be trained by an elite hand-picked group of successful investors and entrepreneurs - people who I know have accomplished maximum success in their field of expertise.

People who I know can positively and profoundly impact your personal and financial lives for the better.
2018 Millionaire Mega Conference Expert Faculty 
Each year I assemble a world class line up of experts who are charged with the challenge of revealing the tips, tricks and techniques for how they make extraordinary sums of money to fund a privileged lifestyle enjoy life choices that deliver a level of freedom and flexibility few are privileged enough to ever experience. To be selected the expert has to 'eat their own cooking', which means they must do what they teach in real life and be highly successful at it.  This year's speakers include (in alphabetical order):
David Bradley
Pro Property Developing
As this will be my final Millionaire Mega Conference - ever, I wanted to finish where I started and am delighted to announce that my high esteemed first business partner - Dave Bradley - will be speaking.

You probably know the story of how Dave Bradley and I teamed up to buy 130 Properties in 3.5 Years... but do you know what Dave's went on to do over the subsequent decade and beyond? The answer is that Dave became a pro-developer, and more recent, sub-division tycoon.

Among the many topics Dave will be presenting, expect to discover...
  • How to put together your first highly profitable property development deal.
  • 'Pro Analysis' - what highly desirable attributes Dave looks for in a property deal, and the tell-tale signs the deal is a dud and should be avoided.
  • Sub-divisions - a good investing strategy, or a waste of time?
  • Success leaves clues... pro investing insights gained from buying hundreds of properties over nearly 20 years, and counting...
... And much, much more!
Tyron Hyde
Deciphering Depreciation
The Federal Government recently and radically changed depreciation rules, thereby creating a new crop of winners and losers. To tell you more about what's changed, and how you can profit from it, depreciation expert Tyron Hyde will be running a comprehensive workshop explaining:
  • Exactly what has changed, what you need to do, and why
  • Winner & Losers - who stands to gain and lose from the change
  • What property is best to focus on, and what property is poised to suffer a huge drop in value and should be avoided at all costs.
  • How to maximise your depreciation deduction so you can pay the lowest income tax possible
... And much, much more!
Steve McKnight
Property Investing
Since buying my first rental in May 1999 for $44,000, I've acquired hundreds of investment properties, both in Australia and overseas.

In addition to overseeing his own property portfolio, I'm the Chair and CEO of a $150,000,000 managed investment scheme that owns US commercial property.

And at this year's Millionaire Mega Conference I'll be taking the stage numerous times to reveal profitable and highly relevant property investing strategies, including...
  • How to set your 'Ultimate Wealth Creation Goal' to provide the context for identifying your ideal property acquisition.
  • How to go from 0 to Financial Freedom, starting in 2018 using the power of your very own Wealth Action Plan.
  • The Six Secrets To Power Negotiation - discover how it's possible to negotiate savings of tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, off the asking price.
  • The inside scoop into a fantastic top secret investor resource I've been writing for two years - a powerful new proprietary 12-step system that I believe is the most empowering tool ever created on how to avoid buying a property lemon.
  • Discover the easy way to crunch the numbers on a property deal like a property expert and gain the confidence and clarity needed to analyse real estate like a pro.
  • A blueprint for acquiring great property that even a beginner with no previous training or experience could easily follow to find and buy great deals.
  • How to cash in on commercial property.
... And much, much more!
Lewis O'Brien
Legal Mastermind
When I have a legal issue, Lewis is the first person I call because I regard him as one the smartest 'hands on' property lawyers in the country. He's also a very accomplished property investor to boot!

Lewis is a qualified lawyer and has successfully run his own legal practice offering specialist advice to clients for over 20 years.

And when Lewis takes the stage, he is going to show you...
  • How to use the power of OPM to put together a no-money down property transactions.
  • How to navigate the legalities of putting together private money and joint venture deals.
  • The critical must-know differences between a 'money partner' and a 'joint venture partner'.
  • How to find and attract people to co-invest in your property opportunities.
... And much, much more!
Dean Parker
Maximum Value In Minimum Time
Once the student, today Dean Parker is the master... the master at highly profitable quick turn real estate, and is one of the Australia's leading authorities of how to create maximum value in minimum time.

Since attending a Steve McKnight seminar in 2003, Dean has spearheaded the purchase of 450 properties valued at an estimated $160m. In doing so he has mastered renovating, sub-dividing and developing small, medium and large residential and commercial projects.
  • A new 3-step approach to identifying the best location to invest for maximum value adding
  • Tales from the trenches... tips and techniques you need to know to avoid making rookie errors when buying, holding and selling that could cost tens of thousands in lost profit.
  • How to profitably put together your first renovation project - even if you're colour blind and don't know which end of a hammer to fold.
  • Real life case studies of Dean's latest and highly profitable deals.
... And much, much more!
Jason Staggers
Insights of a Property Mentor
Jason is a personal mentor and coach for Steve McKnight's Property Apprenticeship program. He has helped hundreds of investors achieve greater results on their journey toward financial freedom.

When Jason takes the stage at the Millionaire Mega Conference he is going to be revealing some profoundly powerful mindset strategies, ensuring you are "thinking for success" including...
  • The secret of success that most people are too proud to recognise
  • How to tap into the belief that you are destined for greatness
  • How to move from being a dreamer to a doer
  • Why we must treat our personal finances like a business and not like a hobby
  • Developing a healthy view of debt
  • How to defeat the destructive power of greed
... And much, much more!
Ian Ugarte
Positive Cashflow Cash Cows
Ian Ugarte has identified and pioneered a clever, creative positive cash flow investing strategy that is changing the game for income-orientated investors.

Together with his wife Christine, Ian co-founded 'Small Is The New Big', and in doing so transformed their property portfolio from costing them $37,000 per annum into one
that enabled them to leave paid employment... in a year! 

 Using the lessons learned and strategies pioneered, Ian and Christine assembled HIRES - their High Income Real Estate System - a new program that reveals their secrets to putting money in your pocket while also providing affordable housing for everyday Australians.
  • How to convert negatively geared property into positive cash flow cash cows.
  • How to use Ian's proprietary system HIRES to create win-win solutions.
  • A creative positive cash flow strategy you can use to finance your financial freedom.
  • Real life examples and case studies.
... And much, much more!
Mark Unwin
Tax Solutions To Property Problems
Australia’s accountant to the property stars, Mark Unwin -- partner of Mark Unwin & Associates -- is on hand to pen your eyes to a variety of mission critical taxation and accounting matters that every property investor must consider.
  • How are property profits taxed?
  • What entity should I use to buy real estate?
  • The highlights of what you need to know about GST and property transactions
  • Potential pitfalls when investing overseas
  • Tax issues and advantages with renting out the family home
  • Is it a good idea to buy property in your self managed super fund?
... And much, much more!
A proper structure is essential to protecting and preserving your wealth and Mark will ensure you know how to protect YOURS.
Note: while these speakers are confirmed as at the date of writing due to circumstances beyond our control a change of speakers and / or content may occur at the actual seminar. 
2018 Millionaire Mega Conference Topics
What to Buy...
What properties should you target (and why) for maximum profit, and which ones to avoid at all costs.
How to Buy...
Tools and strategies to negotiate great deals and buy property at bargain prices – often tens of thousands of dollars less.
Which Strategies...
New and innovative ways to invest, as well as plain old-fashioned tried-and-tested smart ways to make more money.
Money & JV Partners
Starting with little (or nothing)? Discover how to use money and joint venture partners to put together low, even no, money down deals.
1-on-1 Mentoring...
Need an expert to bounce some ideas off of? Need someone to give you a kick up the pants to get back in the game? Then you need to be there.
Personal Development...
Success is as much about having the right mindset. Discover the "millionaire mindset" so you can be all you can be and more, by transforming from the inside out.
And Much More...
This is just a small sample of the many topics that will be covered at Conference.
Venue: Melbourne - Pullman On The Park
The 2018 Millionaire Mega Conference will be held at the Pullman on the Park (192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002) on the following days:
Friday, June 22nd, 2018
Registration opens – 8:00am
Doors Open – 8:45am
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 5:30pm
Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
Registration opens – 8:15am
Doors Open – 8:45am
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 5:30pm
Sunday, June 24th, 2018
Registrations opens – 8:15am
Doors Open – 8:45am 
Sessions Start – 9:00am
Sessions Conclude – 5:30pm
Please note: Your investment to attend includes access to all presentations. Lunch is by your own arrangement.
 - VIP Registration - 
Limited Free Tickets Available
VIP Registration
Professional training doesn’t come cheap! I’ve paid $2,500+ to attend accounting seminars, and they didn’t offer a fraction of the value Millionaire Mega Conference does.

So for a three-day, five-star event that I guarantee has the power to substantially increase your financial literacy and income earning potential , I’ve done a great deal in pricing the tickets at just $995 (that’s all up… not per day!).

However, as a highly valued client I want to give you the opportunity to attend this life-changing event for FREE

Naturally, I don't want this gift to be abused, so to confirm your commitment to attending I am asking that you pay a fully refundable deposit of $88 per ticket to reserve your seat(s). This deposit will then be flagged to be refunded upon attendance, or else you can choose to have us donate it on your behalf to help eliminate child sex slavery in Asia.
So the bottom line is this: If you really want to attend, you can do so at no cost. Click the button below, deposit $88 to hold your seat and when you attend the live event I will happily refund your seat deposit. Easy :)
“I wasn’t sure to begin with, and the ($995) ticket price was a lot of money for me. But I would pay 10 times this amount to feel the way I do now. This conference has provided me with the knowledge that it is possible to get into property investment without a tonne of money & with the right research and effort, the thought of it is not so daunting.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Anita Bream
What Others Say About Conference
If for some reason you’re still unsure whether or not the 2017 Millionaire Mega Conference is right for you, here’s what attendees have said about previous years' events:
[We came away] with hope, inspiration, motivation, purpose and several strategies.”
 - Tracey Hamilton and Roger Coppard
“Heaps of information and usable strategies that can be used to build huge amounts of wealth.”
- Matthew Patterson
“The money was better than well spent. A tiny price to pay for the amount of content.”
- Julie Nolan
“The conference is worth 20 times more, at least!! You can’t afford not to attend.”
- Rachelle Wilkes
“If you’re serious about a future in property investment, the small cost is irrelevant. [It gave me] the belief that anything is possible if you have the right mind set, tools and determination.”
- Caleb Hughes
“Cost of the event is a lot less than the value of knowledge you will attain.
Loads of fantastic information and inspiration to help me further my investing experience.”
- Greg Hood
“Attending this event gave me the confidence and motivation to take action and discover things I didn’t know existed”
- Karen Cramp
“If you want to change your life, this is where to begin.”
- Lea & Hadyn Green
Limited Tickets, Act Fast!!!
You will need to be very quick because seats are limited and given expected demand the seminar is likely to sell out quickly, and once it does no amount of begging will help because the venue has told us it has strict OH&S rules about avoiding any possibility of over-crowding.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Can I Book Multiple Tickets?

Yes, you just need to leave a $88 seat deposit per ticket. This will be refunded upon attendance. Just remember that seats are limited and once fully allocated the event will be sold out. 

2. Is this Millionaire Mega Conference suitable for first time investors?

Most definitely, there are dedicated sessions that will help you clarify, locate and buy your first highly profitable investment property with confidence.

3. I’m an advanced investor… will it be worth my time to come?

Well, if you want to know how and what millionaire investors are doing right now, or you want to sharpen up your skills to go to the next level, there is no better event to attend.

4. What if I’ve heard some of the speakers before?

If you don’t want to listen to their presentation again, I recommend you make an appointment with one of the other speakers (subject to their availability) and brainstorm ways to improve your investing.

5. Will it be worthwhile travelling from interstate?

Most definitely! While the additional travel appears like a downside, the truth is that interstate conference attendees walk away with a tremendous competitive advantage as they can return home armed with information that will ensure they can access opportunities that others can’t see or don’t know how to capitalise upon.

6. Will you be offering this event / speaking line up again soon?

No way! Trying to assemble this exact line up of speakers won’t ever happen again. I recommend that you make the effort, because this event will be the ground breaking experience that kick-starts million dollar plus property empires.

7. Will this be a glorified sales fest?

Absolutely not. While some speakers may offer further training opportunities, this event is genuine educational investor focused training. You are guaranteed to leave with many knew ideas, lots of new skills and a renewed desire and motivation to achieve your wealth creation dreams.

8. What do I do if I have questions?

Please direct your questions to Romy via email (, or else call the office (business hours) on 03 8892 3800.
Sorry - This event is sold out.
Final Words...
I wonder… how important is your financial future?

If you’re sick of talking or dreaming about a better life and you’re ready to take meaningful, affirmative action and be trained and guided by world class experts with proven results, then it’s time to step forward and join me and my experienced team at this year's Millionaire Mega Conference... my last one ever. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just sure you book your seat(s), before the event sells out!