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Make 2020 Your Year Of Plenty!
Discover How To Make More Money And
Invest With Certainty In Uncertain Times
Discover How To
Make More Money
& Invest With Certainty
In Uncertain Times
Eight ‘Money Masters’ Reveal  Their Latest Proven Strategies 
To Financially Equip & Empower  You To Achieve Your Dreams
Eight ‘Money Masters’ Reveal
Their Latest Proven Strategies
To Financially Equip & Empower
You To Achieve Your Dreams
Dear Fellow Investor,
Steve McKnight here – the guy who bought 130 properties in 3.5 years, and has inspired millions of people to achieve financial freedom using the power of positive cashflow property. 
Feeling Confused?
Are you feeling confused or uncertain about how to get ahead financially?
Maybe you're not sure about whether you should be buying, holding or selling?

Perhaps you're sick of feeling trapped in the 'rat race', or stuck in some sort of a rut, and want to know how to escape using the secret strategies and highly-effective formulas others are using right now to live financial empowered lives.
It could be that you just want to know how to make a little bit more money so you can get ahead, and stay ahead,
financially to help support and encourage your loved ones... and you just want to be shown how.
Help Is At Hand...
However you came to be on this webpage - God, fate, the universe... whatever or whoever you prefer to call it, the guiding force in your life has directed you to a wonderful education opportunity that will show you how to attract more money, and keep it, as you aspire to achieve your financial dreams.
The Seven Steps
To Abundance
The Seven Steps To Abundance...
Since becoming financially free more than fifteen years ago, I've enjoyed a life and a lifestyle I simply couldn't have imagined was possible - and chief among them the freedom over my time and choices. 

This wasn't achieved by fluke or by accident! 

It required a radical plan, and new strategies and approaches to achieve outcomes that many thought (and some surprisingly even still think) were simply not possible. And of course, like all worthwhile endeavours, it required consistent hard work and discipline.

And so here we are in  September 2019, and people are again asking me...
"Steve, how can I do what you did? What's a plan I can follow starting today that can get me
to where you are?"
"Steve, how can I do what you did? What's a plan I can
follow starting today that can get me to where you are now?"
With that question in mind, I've assembled a fantastic panel of fellow wealth creation experts and put together a brand new life-changing seminar that will show and teach you the...
Seven Proven Steps To Abundance In 2019
 Step 1: A Plan To Prosper
 Step 1: A Plan To Prosper
Don't be lost in a fog of indecision. 

Discover, use and implement my simple and straightforward 3-step 'financial freedom master plan' and move ahead towards setting and achieving your financial goals with clarity and precision.
 Step 2: Attract More Money
 Step 2: Attract More Money
Here's a fact: Money is attracted to people who know how to use it. 

Becoming rich isn't a matter of luck, or chance. 

Once you know and apply seven simple money rules you'll be amazed at how easily, and quickly, your financial fortunes change forever. This knowledge is essential to know and teach your kids if you want to set them up for a life of financial abundance.
 Step 3: Accelerate Your Income
 Step 3: Accelerate Your Income
Savings are necessary, but wealth is built when you know how to accelerate and multiply your money. 

My team and I want to share our secrets, ideas, techniques and technologies that you can use, some with little or no investment capital needed, to establish multiple streams of income. 

Imagine how you’d feel having an extra $50,000+ of annual income a year from now!
 Step 4a: Acquire Growth Assets
 Step 4a: Acquire Growth Assets
Not all assets are equal. Some are diamonds (or diamonds in the rough), but many are duds (or duds in disguise). Find out the 'smart assets' I recommend you should target to make smart money returns with low risk.
 Step 4b: Manufacture Money
 Step 4b: Manufacture Money
Watch and learn how a past student, now an expert, went from unhappy employee to multi-million dollar property tycoon using his pioneering approach to manufacturing money by turning everyday property problems into solutions.
 Step 5: Become A Money Machine
 Step 5: Become A Money Machine
Watch as an experienced mortgage broker takes you behind the scenes to explain how you can maximise your borrowing ability so you can buy more property, and build wealth faster, and then discover how you can find and use money partners to continue to buy real estate when your own resources run out.
 Step 6: Income For Life
 Step 6: Income For Life
Revealed – a new way to invest in real estate that results in amazing win-win outcomes, and impressive positive cashflow profits

Australia's leading authority on this exciting new approach will be attending to personally teach you how this strategy works, and how to apply it in your area.
 Step 7: Leave A Lasting Legacy
 Step 7: Leave A Lasting Legacy
Making your money is only the beginning. Find out how life changes in amazing ways once you have the ability to use your considerable financial resources to empower others by creating and leaving a lasting multi-generational legacy.
Meet The Faculty
The expert panel includes:
Steve McKnight
Australia’s #1 best selling real estate author, professional investor managing a $150m real estate fund, and, more recently, an ecopreneur. Steve will be sharing how you can acquire and master the fundamentals of a fantastic financial future, and how you can craft and leave a lasting legacy.
Derek Gehl
Co-founder of what was one of the world’s largest Internet marketing companies in its day, and presently in charge of a $14,000,000+ internet business, Derek will reveal how you can make significant sums of money by using the internet to transform ideas into income.
Dean Parker
Previously the student, now the master, Dean has an inspiring tale to tell of how she went from former employee of Steve McKnight to being financially free via the power of ‘Real Estate IT’ (Income Transformation). Discover how you can cash in on the same financially empowering opportunity that Dean grasped… right now in 2019.
Brendan Nichols
With decades of experience in helping individuals and business owners to overcome personal and professional challenges, Brendan has an unequalled library of wise words, proven advice, and savvy strategies that will help you to analyse and overcome hurdles that have been holding you back.
Ian Ugarte
If the idea of positive cashflow investing sounds appealing, then Ian’s unique method of creating extra income streams by solving real estate problems in a win-win way will be interesting, insightful and inspiring.
Glen Campbell
No one can have a transformation on the outside before having a transformation on the inside. Presenting for the first time ever at a event, Glen has an exciting and revealing presentation that includes techniques and strategies to help you overcome your biggest wealth creation obstacle.
Chris Berry
Ever wanted to look ‘under the hood’ of how finance deals are submitted and approved? Experienced mortgage broker Chris Berry will do that as he explains how you can maximise your borrowing ability so you can ‘get in the game’ as property prices recover.
Lewis O’Brien
VCB Financing can be both a lucrative form of investment and a valuable financing tool. On hand to explain how it all works is Lewis O’Brien – an experienced commercial and property lawyer who can help you understand the perks and pitfalls to being, or using, money partners.
Event Takeaways
With a busy life and a $150m property fund to look after, I rarely run live seminars anymore. In fact, this will be my only live 2-day event in 2019.

I've made an unexpected exception here because I'm seeing many new golden opportunities to profit that other people are either too ignorant, or too afraid, to take advantage of. 

Trust me, you'll regret sitting on the sidelines during this once-in-a-lifetime era of very low interest rates.

Provided you know what you're doing, and how to do it, now is a fantastic time to set yourself up for incredible lifetime wealth.

You should definitely attend this seminar if you me and my expert team to help you:
  • 1. Make More Money

    Forget working very hard for very little, or having to retire like a pauper. Discover the simple strategies you can use to make more money.
  • 2. Solve Your Money Problems 

    Making money is only half the problem, you also have to know how to keep it and multiply it if you want to be really wealthy. I'll share a fantastic formula that is mathematically proven to build massive wealth.
  • 3. Strategies To Set You Up For Life

    Discover the highly effective wealth-building secrets and strategies that others are using right now to make substantial sums of money without taking on scary amounts of risk
  • 4. Gain Confidence & Clarity

    If you're struggling to make sense of what's happening, or your scared, worried or anxious about the current financial climate, then you probably don't have a plan and/or a clear pathway to achieve it.
    Let's fix that together so you have the clarity and confidence needed to succeed!
  • 5. Love & Support

    It can be hard to find like-minded people who share your vision and passion for a better and brighter financial future. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend two full days with people just like you who want to improve their financial futures in a room full of love and support.
  • 6. Networking Opportunities & Problem Solving

    If you have an investing problem that needs solving, or would like to expand your network and who knows... even meet a future business partner, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!
How To Attend For FREE
Provided you have the burning desire to improve, coupled with an eagerness to learn, then I'd like to give you the gift of knowledge by providing you with two FREE tickets to attendThe only conditions are:
  • 1. Your invitation to attend for FREE is for a limited time only.

    When the allotted number of complimentary tickets has expired I expect the price to increase to up to $495 per ticket. If you want to attend for free, then book now.
  • 2. Final seats filling FAST!

    The venue has strictly limited capacity. Once the final few seats are taken we'll be completely sold out, and this event is not being recorded nor repeated. Don't makes excuses about why you can't come, seize the moment and discover how to make 2020 your year of plenty. 
Bonus FREE Gift Pack (Worth $295+)
As an extra special bonus, every attendee will also receive
a fabulous ‘Wealth Builder Bonus Pack’ that includes:
1. A signed copy of my favourite and highly-acclaimed book ‘Millionaire’ that contains 170 incredible investing insights that will help you to become a money magnet.

2. The professionally edited video of a full day investment training
where I explain the secrets to how I used real estate to achieve financial freedom, and reveal how you can launch your very own property investing empire.

3. Wealth tips online – something amazing from the archives… a 60 minute audio recording where I share my thoughts and approach to money that would be the basis for me becoming a multi-millionaire.

4. And much, much, more...
Note: To be eligible receive your BONUS Gift Pack you must attend the event in-person. You will not receive it if you book but do not attend.
Where & When
This exciting new 2-day seminar is only being offered once. There will be no recordings, repeats, or rainchecks.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, 2019 

Registration opens at 8am Saturday.  The event starts at 9am each day, and concludes at 5:30pm. 

Hilton Sydney 
488 George St
All catering is by your own arrangement. 

By your own arrangement. There are many choices for food and beverages at or near the venue.
How To Book
It’s easy and simple to reserve your seat(s). Just click on the link below, and follow the step-by-step process. It will take less than a minute.
Sorry - This Event Has Sold Out
Alternatively, call the office on 03 8592 0270 during business hours (10am to 4pm) and one of my friendly team members will be able to assist.

Just hurry… the FREE seats are limited and may be about to sell out. Book in now, while you can. 

All the best 
Steve McKnight
- Steve McKnight

P.S. Remember that this is a live event only. No repeats, recordings or rainchecks.

P.P.S. If you have a question or need help you can also email Romy.
The education we have received has honestly been life changing for our family. We have learnt and grown so much since joining the program. We have freedom now to make amazing choices, we have time, we have a quality family life and work balance and we just continue to learn and grow. It has allowed myself to leave full time employment, it has allowed my husband to work 4 days a week instead of his FIFO roster of 28 days on and 6 off! We are so grateful to Ian and his team!

- Kara Collins